Chatroom on this site would be awesome,brothers and sisters

I love to use chatroom for whatever reason,i visit schizophrenia chatroom and crazyboard chatroom…but it would be really wonderful if @SzAdmin could add a chatroom just on this site,which would be a click away,this way we could connect even closer i feel


yeah there are lots of regulars a chatroom might work

suddenly i thought if we were to build a chatroom,the post on this site would be reduce,so it might not always be a good idea…

well this site is streamlined enough to work like a chatroom you just gotta check your notifications. And the regulars always post so you can tell when they’re online. I like this site very much. I have no hobbies I just like talking to you people.


We tried chat rooms for a number of years - the problem is it takes a lot of effort to moderate - and too many people being mean to other people. So we stopped it. I don’t want to do it again because of this experience.

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Ok,now I understand…

people on here are nice tho and the moderation is very strict, i dont see there being as bad a problem as there was before, we could just make it exclusively for people on this site and maybe we could get permission from admin to join (as long as you are a trusted member)

is there any way to convince you that this could be a good thing?

You also have to worry more about trolls or random people who don’t relate trying to abuse others and spammers.