We die so young!

I’m almost certain that I will die soon.
I will be 54 years old in June and I’m obese and suffer from Diabetes that the meds are causing.
The stats are telling us that we die years earlier than the average.

Yes, people with schizophrenia die an early death due to many issues!

I’m not depressed, it’s just that I have a doctors appointment next week and just facing the cold facts.

Yes the meds will entually kill me.
In the meantime I’ll remain sane.


With my general health declining,

I’m really beginning to question exactly how worth it the medications are.

They never just put you on one and the side effects are just cruel.

Sometimes I think being crazy is a healthier option.


I’m scared of death. Tbh I want to live forever.


My pdoc told me that as soon as he sees me more confident I’m gonna get off meds, I’m so looking forward to it.


I’m dead man I’m dead


I would seriously consider dieting and exercising.


Although I am 73, I have not had the usual life experiences of a person my age. This is due to the sz keeping me sheltered from what I considered dangerous. To me, even a social life was dangerous. So, although chronologically old, I am still immature and inexperienced.


Sure, we can all benefit from a healthy diet and exercise.
For me it’s never easy.

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Knowing that it is a matter of life or death should provide some motivation. :slight_smile:

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Poeople with diabetes who take metformin LIVE LONGER than people without diabetes. So there’s that.


Yes I feel you. I am so afraid of the meds. I feel like I’m going to die soon too. I am 34 years old but feel like this invega sustenna is going to kill me soon. I tried going medication free only to end up in the hospital. I have no choice. I wish there was another way. What can I do to live longer?


Wow that’s good you are 73. How long have you been on meds and what meds have you been on?

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John Nash was like 80 something and died in a car accident but I hear he didn’t need meds all his life. Maybe somebody else knows the facts. He is the most famous schizophrenic I know of.

My doctor scares me about Geodon with all these EKGs he schedules me to take but I can’t not take it. I’ve tried.


Good article. Good luck with any life changes you might be thinking about making. Quitting smoking is on my radar.

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I’ve tested that theory, didn’t work out so well for me.

Walking every day now. Maybe not as much as I’d like, but I’m moving! AND I’m staying within calorie targets! I’ve got this.



Yeah, a cold hard fact of life for many schizophrenics.

I didn’t read the article, but I plan on it soon.

I know a lot of Sz’s smoke and lead unhealthy lifestyles (well I can say that for myself at least).

Take care @Wave. I hope you find inner peace. :v:


I’ve been on meds since my first psychotic break which was in 1969. I am stable on ziprexa and Lexapro and have been for years.


You are in your 70s and have been on meds for years @chordy!

This is very positive news! :slight_smile:

Very reassuring.


I looked up John Nash and meds on the Internet. He quit taking meds in 1970. He thought they compromised his intellect. The movie A Beautiful Mind showed him taking newer generation APs and helping him when he won the Nobel Prize in the nineties but that was just Hollywood. People were worried schizophrenics would quit taking their meds and they put it in the movie.

I quit taking meds and I end up in a hospital.

Can you eventually get to a point where you don’t need them? I have visual hallucinations just like he did in the movie when off meds. This is puzzling.

But I hope you live a long and prosperous life @Wave


Thanks @TomCat.

I cannot go off of my meds for a second.

I will be hospitalized right away if I do.

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