Inequality for Schizophrenics

If we work, we die 20 years earlier than the rest of the population. Saving for a retirement seems pointless.

Many other healthy people get to enjoy their last years on this planet relaxing into a prescribed time of retirement and can live to a good age.

If you’re on benefits before retirement age, you have a life time of retirement, and plenty of time to make yourself even more crazy by isolating yourself and living off whatever deal you get where you live.

It’s a geographical lottery.

I want to die now, I have had enough. I ■■■■■■■ hate this ■■■■


People die 20 years earlier because of unhealthy life style. This includes eating too much while on anti-psychotics and not exercising enough casuing cardiovascular diseases. You can change your life style. Just because you have this illness, doesn’t mean you are restricted in what you can do with the way you eat and exercise. People also die earlier because they commit suicide. You can change your mindset and change your lifestyle and you can live a long and healthy life.

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I think you may be catastrophizing again? Yeah, I don’t expect to retire, but I think it has more to do with my train wreck of a heart than my SZ. If you have SZ and you’re a non-smoker, non-drinker, and non-user who is med compliant, you should be able to look forward to a good retirement.


Sorry I do this a lot. Probably shouldn’t post stuff like this here

I am a smoker. I have smoked a lot more than usual over the last year. It’s proving to be an expensive habit, but I can’t help it. I started smoking when I started high school age 11.

I look at what happened to my grandad. He retired at 65, and he was dead a few months later.

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It’s pretty much heart disease which does sz people in early. We are really bad with diet and exercise.


d00d, s’alright! Glad to support you when you’re feeling low.



I agree. I hope to either just take it super easy in life and just relax or make it in life. I don’t want to be homeless at all.

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I was homeless, but when I realised how temporary supported housing is I decided to ask my parents to move back in with them. Now I have my own place as I do not get on well with my step father as he is not a nice person when he drinks.


Thanks @velociraptor I was going to phone the local helpline to just chat with the support workers on duty, but I am just making myself anxious and my mind is jumping around far too much to keep proper track on what I am doing. I feel paralysed by indecision.

I really need to get out of this rut soon.

Think my meds being reduced and cut out completely is making me feel a bit iller than usual

You got any hobbies you can lose yourself in, sir? I like to walk around town with a camera of some sort and just document the state of things. It gets me out of the house at least once a day. Exercise for the body and the mind. :slight_smile:

Nothing apart from film and music really interests me. I rarely watch films on my own these days, and I fear this is heading in the same direction as my video gaming career which I have been unable to focus on for a few years now. For example I had Xbox Live Gold on the Original Xbox, and it pained me to cancel the payments a month ago, as I just can’t seem to concentrate on anything like a hobby because my mind is basically drifting and wasting myself away in free time that has no structure to it.

The only time I find I can focus on something is if it’s work related. I used to think that it was enough to be dedicated to your work and do a good job or make the best of bad situations. I have always struggled with what to do at weekends. My psychologist somehow got me to stop spending all the time in bed, but the alternative solution doesn’t seem to be that great either.

I am just writing what I think and feel about all this.

Today has just been a bit of a write-off. I appreciate you taking time to post here.

The main thing I do when I am not working is smoking in my kitchen, drinking coffee and just surfing the internet. I don’t know if that counts as a hobby or not.

There’s lots of inequality. We have 85% unemployment in the US at best. Most of it because of discrimination. Vocational rehabilitation will try to trick you into giving up your DX. At least that’s my experience.

A lot of the meds cause weight gain and my experience from being on those(they didn’t work)
is that it’s nearly impossible to lose large amounts of weight on some of them.

I was in a facility for awhile after incompetence resulted in massive weight gain, massive insomnia, and extraordinary high blood sugar.

The meals were 2 or more hours late, the insulin was on time. It’s the sickest I’ve ever felt. My meds weren’t fixed then so I didn’t lose weight nor get much sleep.

You don’t get treated as well by medical personnel when they know and they find out when they ask about what meds you take.
Or when you’re in some godawful behavioral ward, psych hospital, or nursing home.

Still, for the most part I’ve done everything right when I have choices. So I may make it to 75-80.


First off, I’ve got to say that you are actually doing an amazing job of keeping it together and I think you deserve more credit than you’re giving yourself.

The second thing is that you’re obviously in a funk. I also think this is a funk that you’ll need to push yourself out of. I strongly suggest daily walks with a cell phone camera and a free Instagram account. Nothing better for the soul than finding something neat or beautiful and sharing with with others. That’s a healthy kind of therapy that costs nothing and delivers more benefits than the expensive therapy. You’ll also start getting regular exercise, which is good for those lungs.

The pictures don’t have to be incredible, they just have to contain the stories that you find interesting and worth sharing.

Try it for two weeks?


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I will give it a go. I saw the link, I think they’re some really cool pictures

Schizophrenics who die early like me are those with severe negative symptoms. I don’t exercise, eat junk and eat a lot. I am obese, was 130lb before sz and now I am close to 300lb, BMI 44.

You can also get in like 20,000 steps in one day. Go for it, man!


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That was when I cut my pill in half :frowning:
I wish I could predict psychosis and only take the pill right before psychosis but that’s an impossible dream and my psychiatrist was mad at me saying don’t play with your meds…

Thank you. My Instagram account is for my non-serious stuff, it’s more a case of me “doodling” with cameras than anything else. It does help me keep practicing seeing and photographing, which is the important part.

Maybe you can get 5000 steps in when on your pill? Give it a shot?

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Looks good. The sky and the colours you saw are cool.

Where I live we have a beach, and the conurbation I live in is fenced in by a national park

To be honest, I think it may be a good starting point and having a purpose is important like taking pictures

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My biggest problem in terms of the risk of dying at a younger age than average has been my diet , and my lack of physical activity.

My diet has been better since moving here in Sept 2017 Takeaways were down from about 15 a month to 2 a month I’ve not had a takeaway for about 3 months now.

With regards to diet I have a good idea what to eat but due to relatively poor cooking skills and executive functioning difficulties I struggle to turn knowledge into action.