I’ve come to the realization

… That I don’t have much longer to live.
I’m overweight, I suffer with high blood pressure, I have high lipid counts, I suffer with diabetes and my body is starting to ache throughout my muscles and joints.

I’m going to be 55 years old in June, so I’m mentally trying to prepare myself for the inevitable.

These meds are contributing to my poor condition.

Frankly, I don’t want to get so old where I end up with dementia and confined to a wheelchair like my mom.

Oh well :disappointed:


Yeah meds suck, and we’ll have a shorter live expectancy. But aren’t we bless we have antipsychotics I mean people in the past probably just killed themselves with no treatment. So look at the bright side.


Come on, man!

These are things you can do something about,

55 is young,

You have time to change some of these things.


Nobody knows how long they’ve got.

A few muscle aches and pains aren’t much of a predictor for sure.

Diabetes: People with diabetes who take metformin like you live longer than people without diabetes.

The risk factor of dying from schizophrenia related causes disappears at 60. So that’s only 5 years away.

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Thank you @everhopeful @anon54386108 and @John_Raven.

Maybe you guys are right, that 54 years old is still young but I feel ancient!


I have been a little depressed and welcoming death. Unfortunately.
I could take some walks to improve my health.
But when I die is not up to me. The human body can live a long time and we do not get to choose. I don’t believe in suicide.
Someday soon I want to say that I love life.


I view death something like sex. If you’re too young, it’s traumatic. If you are ready for it, it’s awesome. So I want to think that by the time I’m all used up, dying will be a quiet, at least pleasant experience.

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60 is cool by me. My kids will all be in mid 20s to early 30s by then and settled into their adult lives. I can go knowing my kiddos are all creating their lives in the world.

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Hang in there @Wave. The others made some good points. You’re not too old yet and can still have a quality life ahead of you.

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Thanks @disciple and everyone!

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