We are all paet of a twisted expiriment

On that note! Have you ever had the realization or maybe even just felt like you were involved in some crazy experiment? I’ve got crazy experiences that happened to me and I believe that definitely there is something going on. Anyone else ever felt that?

If I think too much like that I’m in big trouble again. I try and fight that thought with all I got.

Well its the nature of religion. The battle between good and evil. We’re always being tested by the forces of good and the forces of evil. Who sit there on their high horse in the clouds and grade us.

The testing schtick is so bad, sometimes I think paradise must be a place without teachers. And the hardest thing for me is that I know both the answers. And I tend to always want to fail…

It even goes beyond that. It even goes to the point where even if I don’t know the right answer, I’ll assume the wrong one.

Why do people have to test one another at all? Don’t they know me as a catholic boy? On a mission from gawd?

in my opinion we all chose to come down here and experience , we chose our mental illness, we chose our pain, we chose our parents.
nothing to me is random, we see our lives before we come here, we know what we are facing.
take care

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Yeah, that’s what I keep saying, it’s all just an experiment.
I don’t doubt it, but why? Who gets the data? And how do they know everything was the truth and not some slight of hand trick on them?
Did they know we knew and acted accordingly? Was any of it truth?
What happens when they are done with us?

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Oh yeah. It was one of my primary delusions. I thought people drugged me with truth serum in the middle of the nigh and then gave me a roofie. I was confusing my dreams with reality, I had false memories. Sometimes still do, but I don’t give into the delusion, I know it’s a delusion.

I don’t think so - but maybe it’s the aliens.

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i think that too. not for everybody. just me and my family. they want to c if i’ll kill myself or worse. i can only hope that i’m stronger than that. maybe some things work and others don’t. we’ll have to wait and c. still i will fight for all i’m worth. no other choice when faced with the alternative.

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Yeah I feel like my whole life has been like that. They’re like hey how far will she take things let’s do this and see what happens. Like that movie The Truman Show but instead of me being on tv I’m being documented and torturted and medicated and watched by a group of people pulling the strings. Feeding people lines etc…

well i certainly didn’t choose to b raped and tortured sith. i wouldnt have chosen a life like this for myself. if we do choose our parents and lives i think next time i’ll choose more carefully!

I had a vision that I was part of a violet web of light energy and it was where I was before I was born and where I will go after I die. Then something happened and suddenly I said do I have to? My head felt like it was getting squeezed with a vice. They told me yes you have to go and all of a sudden I was born into this world/reality. I didn’t want the terrible horrors I’ve experienced to happen to me either but I feel like it was time for my energy to experience this material hell and I think I did something wrong up there and am being punished to learn something

“subjected to vanity not willingly”

No one chose it, not even the worst of people chose to be here, that would just be stupid or crazy.

A couple of guys were out in front of starbucks having a religious war in front of me, one guy told the other that we chose to do this, i thought “i must have been tricked somehow”, it was forced on us, the only way someone would choose it or think that they had chosen it is because of a lie.

Forced to know what wrong is.

I have never heard this take on it. That is something to ponder. The bitter with the sweet, we choose this. I’m glad I chose good parents. Don’t know what I was thinking choosing the SZ though.

But one thing leads to another. One thing is because of what is before it. I can get behind that.

I think the line of thinking is that we choose what we need to learn from. There is a saying something like: The past doesn’t become the past until you learn from it. My older sister could probably talk for hours on this lol

I have run out of hearts again. I just love too much. I like your post. Are you the youngest or the middle?

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Middle for my mom and dad. They had 3 girls. My dad remarried and had 4 more so he had seven kids :wink:

i cant watch the film tyhe truman show sometimes i feel like that its orrible.

Well sometimes I think why am I here at this pacific time, was I brought back at this moment to change things from my past?

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Experiment yes, they even admit the meds are “trial and error.” Twisted though not really. Mostly they are trying to help. Just my opinion, desimb

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Yeah I was going to say, Psychiatry is an experiment, and we are the subjects. Trying and taking - retaking, up on the dosage, down on the dosage, it never ends. But I guess it is for own good.

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