Sometimes I feel I might be the son of God, the master self from which all other people are projected as if imperfect copies

But otherwise I feel fine and dandy.

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If you are god heal me please


I’m not god, I’m trapped in this simulation tricked by the devil. But perhaps I’m lying.

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I don’t mean to hurt your feelings but this quote came to mind:

“Crazy people don’t know they’re crazy. I know I’m crazy, therefore I’m not crazy, isn’t that crazy?”

― Captain Jack Sparrow


I am both God and devil. There are no two beings. Only one


Clearly the key is to know and not know you are crazy at the same time. A little bit like I believe and not believe that I was sent by god. And don’t worry about my feelings, they too are part of the simulation.

PS. It is distinctive of our tribe that what we think of ourselves determines (and of course is determined) but what we are. Even crazier than proving you are crazy because you believe you are not, would be to believe that you are a dentist because you believe you don’t believe that you are a dentist.

Yes, we are cultural archetypes, you the eastern monist, me the western dualist. We’ll never understand each other. :smiley:


I think you guys are from one consciousness and I am separate.

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If you were you’d be presumably able to cure your own schizophrenia.

I tried to explain this to other people before in person at work when I was 18 years old, and they just relentlessly took the piss out of me for it.

Who I would have been if I didn’t have schizophrenia. Maybe it’s a good thing I got it. Too bad, things couldn’t have been changed or different. I loved this movie: Wall Street. It’s why I wanted to be a banker.

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Or maybe you’re schizophrenic.

SZ is the branding of the devil. Or isn’t it?

That’s how Christ’s disciples must have felt sometimes when preaching the good news.
“And if any place will not welcome you or listen to you, leave that place and shake the dust off your feet as a testimony against them.”

This seems to be getting a bit too religious for my liking.
I have met the devil, and I assaulted him and he sent me back to hell - hint, I am here right now …

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Or maybe I’m just a troll. I shouldn’t be trusted.

I feel like I am the father and the son, after drinking the holy spirits. LOL


Wow, that’s some ying-yang shiiiz right there.

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