The church of recovery

Happy Sunday. I think some SZ and SZA people have an advantage over so called normal folks who aren’t normal at all. They tell me “maybe one day I will understand” HAH! Understand how psychotic religious beliefs are? Some person told me in a manner like ‘I used to be an atheist’, I thought to him well I used to believe in god! Us sz sza people have the advantage because we have seen what it means to experience GOD and we don’t go crazy. We know psychotic experience as being something in the mind scientific. And not nonsense. I’ll accept the people who have trouble hearing me. I know there are people on this site who share the same beliefs as me. It isn’t a belief any more if evidence has proven itself. It becomes reality, no angels, devils. Crap like that. Jesus, Zeus, Santa Claus. If u will. WE ALL try converting others to see our beliefs and manisfestations of the mind which were false but believe deep down because they were smoking on something the burning bush and saw God come down a mountain and also take a toke. Whatever. I know reality I’m bold enough, I’m with Bill Maher. Just trying and need help sorting it all out. Thank u for reading have a “blessed” sunday.


i hope you have a great day :slight_smile: x

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I don’t know what to believe anymore, i use to believe in God. But after seeing what I’ve seen and after experiencing all the problems my family has gone through. I just don’t know.

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Thanks u made me feel special. :slight_smile:

Its confusing to me too cbbrown. I don’t disbelief God because he has wronged me. Like problems and such, like he’s not suppose to bless you. Family is important you must listen to them, spend some time with. Because in the end, they’ll be gone with the wind like the rest of us.