Was your ap effective on the anxiety and your worries?

Ok, so I have many anxieties and worries… My mind was worried about almost everything for years… It was to the point, that I was having physical manifestations of these psychic symptoms… Headaches, weaknesses in my extremities etc etc…
Maybe I was very ill just for long, so that’s why the Zyprexa still didn’t calm my mind?..
I have a friend, who has an anxiety and depression and she takes just 2,5 mgs of zyp and it does wonders to her anxiety…But she has no sz, just an anxiety…
Even the docs wonder why this strong ap doesn’t calm my fears… But anyway, maybe I should be patient.
Happy valentine day, pals, try to be strong! :slight_smile:

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nothing works on my anxiety, not even benzos

Oh yeap, you are probably like me… I take some benzos when I am at my worst, but they make me stoned a bit… I wish I could do it without them… Plus as for you, I still have some fear even on benzos…
Do you think a lot too sometimes? I find, that maybe this could be a reason for our worries lol…
So the aps are not the best option against anxieties? yeah…

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yes, I think too much and cannot control it. I’m practicing but it’s not easy. And some of the thoughts don’t seem like my own. It’s scary.

Leaf, sorry of asking too much, but do you have hope, that the ap will calm down your mind in the future?Does it sedate you in your head in fact? Or it wont happen, if it didn’t happen till now? What is your doc saying?
Yeah, I have physical pains because of these worries, it affects my body :confused:
I don’t understand how this friend of mine gets relieved from her anxiety by a few of Zyprexa and not me lol…

Zyprexa might not be the right med for you. I wish you could find something to take away your suffering.

I tried all the aps, leaf… There’s no point to try more… I tried 11 aps for ten years, they made me dumb too because of this…
I am messed up emotionally, theres no med for this… My emotions fluctuate all the time, my state is per waves. Anyway, I don’t believe in other ap for me anymore… None of the 11 didn’t ‘‘relax’’ my anxieties…

I am taking Sertraline for Anxiety. It’s not helping at the moment but it did at first

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I’m so sorry. You seem like a nice lady. It’s a shame you suffer so.

Well, I have two decades of isolation, so I guess no med wont fix this… I also had a history of six years use of weed, while I was carrying this illness, and I smoked it in total isolation too, between 4 walls, with no one by my side… Maybe this destroyed me too. I guess I should accept some suffering now too… My problem is, that on one side I have negatives, and on other side - paranoia. If they treat one, the other worsens… Plus I am ill since kid and that’s why its so bad here… I even didn’t talk as kid etc etc…
But yeah, I think ive had enough of aps… Most of them made me crazier… Never got a relaxed feeling from them, maybe now with the Zyprexa in the future… Ive had a lots of lighteheadness on the most of the aps, which is not a normal state at all… On some others, they just made me stiffed and dumb… But I think the Zyprexa is my med… My pdoc thinks, that maybe it will work in years…
But well, maybe there are mentally ill people on whom the meds don’t work, no?.. Its hard to believe, that those meds help all, idk…

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Clozapine along with zoloft has helped me a lot. I still get anxiety but much easier to manage.

I’ve been on 1.25 mg of Zyprexa since 1997. (with a couple exceptions)
In 2005 I was going through a lot of stress and my pdoc had previously said I could increase the dose if I needed to. After about a week on 2.5 mg I got very sick (nervous, nightly cold sweats, insomnia, TD, etc) My np told me to go back on the lower dose and it helped.

I don’t know how my pdoc knew in 1997 I would do better on a low dose, but if he hadn’t I would’ve really suffered. btw Happy Valentines day

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Benzos make me depressed. I like gabapentin for anxiety. Some doctors are ok with it and some don’t like you to be on it long term. I’m torn with all meds between living better now and possible issues later in life.

Right now I’m managing anxiety pretty well with breathing and exercise but if life ever gets stressful I know I’ll need meds again. Anxiety makes the other sz symptoms worse too.

You know, @196desperado, maybe this makes sense… Idk why though… Do you have an idea? :slight_smile: In fact, after the take of my Zyprexa, the kick of it after two hours is bad… It puts me even more paranoia for a few… And its not me who invents this… Maybe this ap puts us too low, idk…
Am glad you are fine on such a smaller dose. Me I try now to be on 10 mgs one day and the other day - 7, 5mgs…

Antipsychotics helped my anxiety both general nervous energy and also from paranoia. I have GAD, schizotypal paranoia gets bad when sick, and bad mixed episodes. It chilled it out. Still got some. Anxiety is a rotten thing.

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ok, thank you for the answer. Maybe I need time. In fact, I made the mistake to take too many aps in the past and this caused me a cognitive decline. So this doesn’t help the anxiety, its the opposite. My mind needs a break I guess and maybe still a time for meds to relax me… Maybe this will happen even after years on them…

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Cognitive decline causes me anxiety too. You will find something that helps. I am always looking for an answer. Even little bits o help. @Anna1

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Anxiety is my biggest problem. I take the following supplements to help :

L-theanine (750 mg/ day in divided doses)
Beta Alanine (750mg/day in the morning)
Taurine (500mg/day in the evening)

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I don’t know and the pdocs probably don’t know either.
But if I had to take 10mgs of zyprexa it would make me very sick.
I’ve tried many APs over the years because zyprexa makes my cholesterol go high and most APs don’t agree with me at all.
As you probably know it’s ‘trial and error’ and you know how it affects you better than anybody.
Good luck

Have you ever tried loxapine? It’s chemically related to clozapine. Anyway, it’s the only AP that has lessened my anxiety.