Was your ap effective on the anxiety and your worries?


Everyone is different. Zyprexa wasn’t good for me… they took me off of it when I was dx with diabetes.

It’s like very few sedate me… give me anxiety… I do better on older meds, like haldol and risperdal. Don’t give up! Make a list of your concerns and take it with you next time.

Good luck. Let me know if I can help.

Thanks for the answers, all :slight_smile:
Pianogal, I tried clozapine and it was hell for my somatics… I was closed to faint with it, not even a help on the fears, nope…
You know, I guess I went quite numb through the years with so many aps, and this can be a source of anxiety too. Cause when you cant think properly and your brain is in some fog, then you get anxiety imo… Cause I have insight too of this :confused: … Yeap, my sz really affected my ‘‘head’’ if I can say so… I have all kind of sensations there and my thinking was bad for years… In fact, I don’t have the impression to think… I do it, but its like my brain needs more blood there and air… Its like I cant ‘‘feel’’ my thoughts if you see even though, that I am thinking…

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