Did your ap succed to work like a benzo?

I still have my fears. maybe they are panic, social anxiety or paranoia. I have the impression that I have it all.
klonopin works wonders when I take it but I dont want to abuse with it. I would like to feel less fearful one day. did you succeed it with time and your ap? klonopin makes me think better, even this. ill paray that time will help me with my fears, they are an obstacle for a better quality of life I find…

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Are u on zyprexa …!! What;s ur dose anna1 …!! I want to go back on zyprexa …!!!

I am on 7,5 mg far. I am a bit better then without it but I still have a lot of social anxiety…

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have u tried anti depressant …!!!


Yeah eventually on APs I stopped getting the fear and paranoia