Hey, pals, is it possible for my ap to cause more anxiety and paranoia?


So I am definitely more rational than off meds. But I still have lot of anxiety and sometimes paranoia. Do you believe it can be the Zyprexa? Or its not possible?
Before I was going out, but my fear was deep in me. Now, its more on the surface but because of it, it became painful.
Otherwise my mom says ill be always ill and lonely, but whatever… I let her years ago to think badly like this about me…
Before I was more delusional, which was giving me this little bit more of courage. But now, I am more rational, yes, but scared. Maybe I still need time and efforts?
Is it plausible for Zyprexa to cause anxiety and paranoia?


I was told that some meds have anti anxiety drugs in them although I am not sure which ones. If you think anxiety meds would help you with your day ask your pdoc about them. I always thought paranoia was a bit like delusional anxiety anyway. Your pdoc would be the best person to ask that question anyway, they get paid to know about meds. Best of luck @Anna1.


I heard from opinions on internet, that aps are not a good med for anxiety, yeap… But if I take benzos, ill end up killing all my emotions I find…
I have one another questions, people… Why I often have the impression to cant think? In fact, I have some inner dialogue inside my head, but I feel like I cant think well. And its a reality, I really don’t have big ideas etc etc… Is this the psychosis or more the anxiety? I had an occupied day, I was talking a bit more, but still the impression to cant think and also my verbal fluency is not free or a big one :frowning: .


Hi @Anna1, I don’t know the answer to your 2nd question, but all the aps I’ve been on lessened my paranoia. And my pdoc ups my dose when she sees I have more paranoia


Having an inner dialogue is normal every human has one. It is different than “the voices” i would compare voices more to intrusive thoughts. A lot of people, when they become aware that they talk to themselves or have an inner dialogue, confuse it for voices.


Meds didn’t help my paranoia per se, but they helped my paranoid delusions. Without a delusional or hallucinatory component, paranoia is really just anxiety (that’s what my mom said and my pdoc agreed). That’s why I say that paranoia alone isn’t psychosis. It’s very common in anxiety and non-psychotic mood disorders, as well as psychotic disorders. So, look at your situation. I know the paranoia is worse, but are your paranoid delusions any better?


I know abilify helps with my paranoia, but also gives me more anxiety.


Xeplion ( Invega sustenna ) made me live in a constant panic attack/ anxiety attacks.

I cant believe that shiit is legal !!!


But why those aps give anxiety? Cause they lower the dopamine?.. pfff.
I know two people who take Zyprexa for an anxiety disorder. On me, its not working very well on this, yeap :confused: Maybe Zyprexa is more unlikely to give anxiety. But I guess I need mostly time and efforts to kill my anxiety…
I understand for abilify giving an anxiety, but Invega… I was shaky on Invega so I stopped it.
For me still its a big problem, that I cant think like this… Maybe the anxiety is a killer of thoughts too? My pdoc was saying, that I lack calm yes… But I still wonder why I cant think well.


it sounds like you need to tweak your meds

sorry your experiencing this

sometime I get breakthrough symptoms

but I’m stable on my cocktail.


Zyprexa (which is olanzapine) can come with an antidepressant in the same pill (symbyax i think) that’s got several indications including sza. (Antidepressants are the usual therapy for anxiety). But i doubt zyprexa causes anxiety. It could be that aps cause restlessness which may seem like anxiety; but I’m not sure of that.

I ended up suffering from worse anxiety after therapy. It could be that that’s a trait of a recovering schizo. I’m not sure of that either. They only added an antidepressant for me in my mid-20s. That took the edge off of my anxiety and my depression improved (even when I’m recovered) and i was more functional and aware.

Without aps szs and szas would all end up relapsing, and i recall one of the pdocs i used to see say you end up treating side effects of the medication itself. So I suppose there’s not much to do but tolerate these things.


Yes, i guess my anxiety is more from the illness, yeap gladbick1. Daze, I tried all kind of meds for 9 years, we are done with this. Nothing helps me. Just Zyprexa as a maintaining med. Even my docs ended up by saying they cant do more for me and just make efforts while being on Zyprexa. I tried all the 11 aps on the market here.
Otherwise I sometimes talk without thinking, its strange. My mother says it can help me in the long time, but I feel defenseless so sometimes still I prefer to talk less. I still can say things in which I don’t believe myself. I don’t know why I cant think like this. My pdoc says its the lack of calm of my mind. I hope it will pass me one day.


If you tried 11aps, try to have hope with Zyprexa, it beats going full blown psychotic. With time, you will feel more relief. In my opinion, as long as your not going catatonic, suicidal, totally unaware of your surrounding and can think rational enough to express your anxiety and paranoia, I think there is hope for the medicine. It may not seem it now, though, With my experience (I was on a lot antipsychotics too) and more people on this forum will tell you, you should probably stay on something that helps psychosis because they do give people antipsychotics in low doses for anxiety, so what you are thinking may be a delusion (that it’s causing more anxiety). Try to be on it for the long term and see what happens.


In fact my pdoc proposed me now to lower a bit the Depakote. Its not common, but it can cause anxiety too. I am not really bipolar, so it could kill my emotions too and depress me in the end… I really feel my head ‘‘abnormally’’, I have just some dumb thoughts and maybe I am still in the fog of this inner dialogue. I am not epileptic either, so maybe the Depakote can mess me up a little too :confused: . Yeah, apart from the anxiety and the paranoia, I struggle to have positive and adequate emotions too… Do you think the Depakote can cause anxiety? I have an ill friend and she hated this med in fact. She says it puts her too low…


An AP can cause more anxiety and paranoia. Also fair to point out that I’m capable of causing my own anxiety and paranoia by overthinking things.



@Anna1 All meds act differently for everyone, If your pdoc proposed to lower it, what happened?


Oh and theres two Depakotes, Depakote ER, and Delayed Release. So your doc has that knowledge, and knows what to do, observes you


Anxiety yes. Paranoia maybe. What the drugs primarily work on is the hallucinations. Everything else is questionable.


I honestly feel that the risperidone is making me more anxious and paranoid.
I looked it up and anxiety is a known side effect.

Maybe it’s the same with Zyprexa for you @Anna1.

Bring it up with your doctor, this is what I’m going to do.


Yes, its possible i think too, wave… Well, me now i think of my bad behaviour in the past. I still feel as a sinner when communicating with the others despite my good intentions. And for the rest, i am a bit desperate :disappointed_relieved: . I am numbed both intellectually and emotionally… I had too much inactivity in the past. The worse are the hours of my evenings where i worry about the future. I cant change this. Nothing changes… Just the time, which flies… I hate feeling like the psycho of the service… I dont want to complain, but those hours are terrible. I am living as a fatalist like this since kid. I am in this hole since kid, yes. And i guess that this damages the brain to have it since kid…
Well, i feel a bit more alive with the lower depakote. Its made for manias and i was never manic. I find it kills emotions too…