Was too scared to leave the flat today. Cancelled psychology

Haven’t left the house in a long while and the thought of having to go around the public today was too much. Thoughts of surveillance are pretty bad right now. I just want some peace of mind.


Did anything specific happen to increase your anxiety?

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Nothing specific. More of an insidious tendency towards being housebound. The world outside is just too much.


Do you live in a heavily inhabited area or more in the country? I’m wondering if you could go out for a brief walk to get some fresh air, while still managing to avoid interacting with other people?

You were very relaxed and happy just a few days ago.

You had taken a shower many days in a row.

you were talking about weight loss and one year to get healthy.

Did you accidently skip meds? (we all do.)

Maybe you took on too much with showering and weight loss?

Is there any suggestions we can make to help?

Do you have a calander to write AM and PM on each day?

You could just X over AM or PM after taking?

Would really like to see you succede.

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If it’s any consolation the disease is kicking my ass at the moment too.

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@anon20613941 (((((Jimbob))))) I’m too scared to leave the flat on my own in case I get lost.

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I don’t feel like there’s surveillance with NAC. I used to think everything I looked at could show up on a TV screen and people were controlling me. I don’t have those feeling anymore.

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