Not left the flat for a while - no intentions of doing so anytime soon

Got a feeling government has cameras following me - don’t want to go into too much detail. But have a feeling of surveillance.

My pdoc doesn’t have much time for such problems and tends to put pressure on me. I respond badly to pressure.

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It’s not true. The government doesn’t have cameras on you. I used to have a big problem with the camera delusion. It was one of my biggest delusions.


Thing is I know your right. And I can say that talking to you now.

But in 15 minutes on my own I go back to believing it 100%.

Yes when your mind is locked onto that paranoia it’s hard to shake it off
Does it come and go?

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I know what you’re going through, and it sucks. I wish I could help.


When I am speaking to people I have insight and can rationalise.

But deep down I don’t believe such platitudes because as soon as I am on my own I go back to believing fully.

Is a bit weird but is extremely distressing.

Yes I get it too but it comes and goes
I have been suffering for over ten years I have improved but very slowly
I am always anxious but I manage it and can do volunteer work
I get paranoia about once a week lasts for a few hours then it’s gone till the next time
Don’t know anything about your history or treatments but hope you get better

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