Was I ever delusional?

Or did I just have overvalued ideas

Stop thinking and ruminating

Hard for me :confused:

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Yes, you were delusional. You have a tendency to try to deny that you have been sick.

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Is Delusions Thine Scripts?.

I dunno what u mean, sorry


Ya’know, Scripts Like Movie Scripts. . . . . . .

i think you were delusional yea… but you should stop obsessing over it and let things take it’s course…

why do u think that

because of the things you told here… it’s just my idea…

How to stop obsessing

i’m not sure… you gotta try to be busy with different things… like not leave too much space in your mind for the obsessions… it’s hard but i think over time you can do it.

this means im not delusional?

i’m not sure… i think those tests only show something about a certain point in time… i mean the image could have been different if you took it a couple months ago…

Yeah true :slight_smile:

If you were delusional about being delusional, you were still delusional…

What a weird, circular thought trip.
Don’t get too lost in this cul-de-sac.
I think we all wonder about this sometimes, though.

@Crystal-Cotton , you’re on meds! That’s why you’re not delusional! It’s because you’re on meds!!! Take your meds!!!

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I am taking my meds and my dr still calls me delusional and my sense of reality wobbly

Then you’re sick like your dr says

I wish I had a GIF to post of a dog chasing it’s tail. I think it would be apt for this constant circular conversation that has been on this forum for weeks now - and I am getting irritated