Am i really that delusional?

i feel like i just have mild ocd or something

I think you suffer from something
that makes you forget that you
should keep all these in one thread.


why am i not allowed to post multiple threads like others are

You repeat yourself

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i just wish i got real answers

Shove it, @Crystal-Cotton.

We give you “real answers” all the time.

You’re getting insulting.

Why don’t you check out the “real answers” on reddit or some ■■■■.

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i ask reddit too. smh

Do they say what you want to hear?

not. no one wants good for me.

you don’t want the truth, you want someone to confirm your delusions. Gotta check your motives. Do you want the truth or do you want the truth through the lens you will use to interpret it? People will give you the truth, you just have to accept it when it is given.


I’m not participating in your pitty party.

We’ve all given you good advice.


i want real advice aka the truth

its so obvious what youre trying to do

Trying to get you to stop being such a pain in the ass?

Never bend the truth to fit your reality.

Asking a question a million times won’t lead to a different answer.

It’s rude to dismiss answers just because they’re not what you want to hear.

You are a teenager, your medical team are adults with years of medical education and experience.
Their diagnosis is what you should respect.

Don’t try to manipulate people into saying nothing is wrong with you just because you don’t want it to be.

You have paranoia, and you have delusions.
Pretending you don’t, won’t make it go away.
Accepting it will enable you to work on dealing with it.

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i know i have paranoia but that is different than florid psychosis.

My advice would be to check your ego. You’re wrong about the way you interpret reality, same as me. We have a disability that impairs our ability to process information. We have to humble ourselves and listen to people when they tell us the truth about what is going on, because we are incapable of finding it ourselves.

You don’t need to be rabidly psychotic to have psychosis or psychotic symptoms.
You can have schizophrenia without beeing completely bonkers.


i guess… i just dont feel like i have it

I don’t feel like being fat. I still am.

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