Crystal's Help Thread!

This thread is especially for @Crystal-Cotton to post thoughts, ideas, and questions. Come on in and help.


it helps only if you have real psychosis, not anxiety induced fears similar to overvalued ideas or intrusive thoughts

You have no other choice than waiting until you’re 18 and then ask your pdr to stop your meds. Then you’ll know the value of meds. That worked for me. Many psychiatrists told that to my parents. My mother asked many psychiatrists that when I quit my meds.

Overvalued ideas are very different from intrusive thoughts. You’re just trying out every possible explanation except the one everyone tells you. That’s quite classic

overvalued ideas are quite similar to intrusive thoughts in my opinion, where did you get the idea that they were not similar?

From reading about psychopathology. Clearly you can introduce your own meaning of the terms, but it will make it hard to converse with others.

For the record I am on a medicine for my intrusive thoughts… so even if it’s not psychosis you may still need meds. stop focusing on labels

Overvalued idea: “a false belief sustained with less than delusional intensity”


I know my ■■■■. Conviction plays no role in intrusive thoughts.

I know dude but just saying that my thoughts/beliefs were overvalued ideas

Which you seemed to think are similar to intrusive thoughts in this very thread. Your belief is just ‘anything but delusion’. Which is understandable but also opportunist and it won’t help you in the long run.

well if they were delusions they would be way more severe

anyway these thoughts are stuck in my mind and i cant get rid of them because the doc doesnt provide good enough answers

What you want to hear and what you need to hear are very different things. Taking positive steps now to deal with it, is far,far better than struggling to regain a previous level of functioning due to one or more relapses.

what i need to hear then? that im just delusional ■■■■■■■?

You can engage without cursing at people.

i know im sorry but im only cursing at myself. sorry

That’s ok. Just take a deep breath and focus.

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In your mind you’re not sick. You play semantics. You cherry pick some instances, ie these ideas are just ones I give too much attention Too; therefore, it makes you feel like you’re in control of these ideas, it brings you comfort. You think, Ideas are had by ordinary people therefore I’m not sick, I’m ordinary. I just have a problem with ideas. Why would someone overvalue ideas that are not logical; that resemble delusional thinking? These are not ordinary ideas. You separate each instance into your compartmentalized views of reality and minimize some while denying others. You reinforce your views by defining what over valued ideas are and somehow you escape your diagnosis. You play Dr. Googlesearch on the internet thinking a lay persons point of view trumps a specialists evidence based conclusions. Evidence leads to facts. According to you none of us are schizophrenic we all just overvalue non logical Ideas. What do you call instances that are non logical and out of touch with reality?


I accept the use of antipsychotics in real schizophrenia or psychosis - Mine are overvalued ideas because my beliefs could be changed by evidence