My doctor thinks that I’m delusional

And psychotic even though I’m healthy

Mine too.
Even though i really am. :crazy_face:

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I got a forced psychiatric care decision today :frowning:

That must be necessary.
Are you a danger?

Not a danger to anyone if threats don’t count

Threats do count.
Why did you make threats?

Because I was angry at my doc

Angry? Why?
Is it justified?

Because she diagnosed me with psychosis for no reason

Come on, don’t start again.

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I just told you the reason. Wont start again

Why don’t you accept your diagnosis
and cooperate with docs?
Threats are useless

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I’ve tried but it end up in forced drugging


Just go back and look at your early posts.

You need to listen to the doctor and stop fighting this.

You’re only hurting yourself.


I’ve tried but it never ends up good

What never ends up good?

My try to act like I’m healthy

I didn’t say fake like you’re healthy.

Just stop fighting.

You constantly rejecting the process is making life harder for you.

Ok i will stop fighting

Delusional people usually think they are not delusional. Nothing new here.