War and marriage are the same

Marriage and war should be abolished.

War= let’s kill each other for no reason

Marriage= let’s annoy each other for no reason


War and marriage are both necessary


War is very rarely necessary.

Marriage is never necessary.

A few lucky couples actually succeed. But it’s never a fairy tale like you expect it to be from children’s books.

I’ve never seen a happy married couple.

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It’s rare but they do exist.


I’m enjoying my marriage. 21st anniversary in two weeks. You should consider changing your username to something more accurate.


Two former high school classmates of mine got together around age 16. They got married 10 years later. Today they are still together, still happy and have 3 kids.

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Has marriage enlightened you?

I’m not trying to be rude. I just don’t find marriage to be all that great TO ME. If I was to do it again it’s have to be to merge kingdoms or how I assume rich people do it. They both travel separately, work separately. Then when they do get together it’s even more special. I can’t do that around each other 24/7 thing.

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You succeeded anyhow. Not any of your business how enlightened I feel. Just be aware that I don’t take guidance from bitter incels.


I have. My aunt and uncle. They’ve been married almost 40 years


Somebody is defensive about their marriage. If it’s so good why are you enraged?

@velociraptor delights in having a sharp tongue.


This thread is hilarious.

@Enlightenedbeing, just because you couldn’t make marriage work doesn’t mean the rest of us can’t.

I’ve been married eleven years and am happy.

With work being at home now, for him, we’re around each other 24/7 and have managed.

Don’t underestimate all of humanity because of your own limitations.


War? Maybe sometimes. I’ve been married almost 21 years and am happier now than ever. I couldn’t imagine life without my best friend, biggest fan, and rock of support.


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I’m happily single. I believe marriage is a good thing no matter if couples are two of the same or of a different stroke.


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