Walking, People

So I left my building for the first time in 6 months today. It was nice, it felt very free, unfortunately it was below freezing.

I couldn’t shake this feeling that I’m very different from other people, and that if I look at people for too long I will hurt them. Does anyone feel similarly?

I hate going outside and to crowded places. I can cope with it, but it’s not very nice.

I found a way of dealing with it by just completely ignoring other people and only look at things like the pavement, trees, buildings or something in the environment. I find this helps as the bad thoughts only seem to get worse when I start paying attention to the people around me and I get paranoid about it.

Maybe you could try something like that and see if it works for you?

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I can’t imagine what others see in your face as you think that when looking at them. Would you think they are fearing you?

I feel perfectly fine out in public when I am in control. I feel 100% fine. My fear is losing control and then I would NOT, at all, feel fine. I don’t need my MI on display.