I hope this doesn't depress anyone

My negative posts don’t get many likes but I got to ask: when you’re out in public does it feel like most people are neutral towards you? Or not? I just want to go where I want to go without being bothered. I think my perspective is off from going out alone. When I am with other people everybody lets me alone. When I run errands by myself in my car, it feels like everybody takes a shot at me even if I am not doing anything wrong. I shouldn’t say everybody, it just seems like it.

Like what Nick, any examples?

When I look at other people it’s more clear they are concerned with themselves.

They aren’t part of the environment. They aren’t there waiting to judge. They pass through with similar feeling to you.

The front page image of what a human should be is far from what the majority actually is.

If it seems like it’s all of them, then it is probably just you… Someone said that on here. Fellowman or ridgerunner?

I think we’re getting back to Dog’s post:

Hell is other people.

Ok, thanks. I try not to bother people. I guess I will just have to relax and let people alone. Other people have told me this before. I feel easily slighted @samples32 and I react and get all worked up. Back to the drawing board.