Can't even take a walk

I just got back from taking a walk.

I came around the corner and there was a girl walking to whereever.

She became frightened and said something like “oh ■■■■!”

People can’t even walk outside without being terrified, i know what she was thinking to, is this guy going to rape me or murder me, kidnap me maybe.

That is our world, we can’t even walk around, it’s horrible, perhaps people should cease reproducing if it is that ■■■■■■■ horrible.

Even in a peaceful world all that you will have is work and imminent torture death, but it’s not even peaceful is it.

Great ■■■■■■■ place this is, great bodies these are, straight from nature or some insane evil being, gotta be one of the two though.

Can’t even take a walk.

“Oh ■■■■” isn’t that that movie star.

Yeah, thats what she was thinking…

That’s why I don’t go for walks anymore.

Yeah I dont walk really, not through town. I do short distance driving in town get what I need quick and go back home.
Too many people judge, and Im sure they talk. For some reason I get a sense they are starting to see me as a weirdo.
Especially in the market. I try to blend in, but sometimes its rough going

I already know people see me as a weirdo. I sort of expect that. So I’m usually surprised if they don’t see me as weird.

As far as talking about me? Oh well. They don’t matter. The people I need to support me and be on my side are on my side. A clerk at a shop I go to only once a week, doesn’t matter.

But as long as I’m patient and I don’t hassle the staff and I don’t freak out if I had to wait in line, they can forgive my walking through in my jammies looking haggard.

I try to be nice to the clerks and don’t give them the coupons after they’ve rung everything up, but before, they forgive my odd questions. It’s amazing how many “normal” people are so very rude in a market.

I’m not rude and I get forgiven all manner of strangeness.


Maybe the girl just blew a button off her shirt or one of her shoes became untied.
Life isn’t all that serious.

Hi J, maybe its true or maybe I was feeling a bit paranoid or both. Dont get me wrong I kind of like going food shopping, its just that I am very good at noticing my surroundings. It might not be as bad as it really is, but I do notice on how the cashiers react to me as subtle as it is. It shouldn’t bother me but it does, but I have to go food shopping so I wont let it stand in my way

i just usually smile at them and say hello. that’s usually enough to break the ice. the only time i feel bad is if i go to the local shop and i look rough coz i haven’t blowdried my hair. like now for instance. i just went out and got some milk and i haven’t had my shower yet so i felt kinda self conscious but that’s about it. funny, i don’t mind going to the local shop when i’ve just got out the shower and my hair is still wet. i think it’s because i smoke and can;t stand the smell of it so i think that other people won’t like it either.

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I don’t go out much to the shops. I do online grocery shopping and get stuff off amazon.

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if i don’t want to c anybody then i’ll go either at 6am or late in the evening. the store is always empty at these times so it’s just me and my trolley.

If i go i try and go early. I am not usually out after it gets dark.

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I rarely I mean rarely go out during the evening, I think I did it twice before recently. Im talking about by myself

first thing that came to mind was the saying ‘no point walking if there’s no place to go’

i dont know where i heard that.

It’s possible that she was just startled when she walked around the corner and say someone. I know sometimes when I’m walking and not really paying attention to where I’m going that walking around a corner and almost walking into someone can startle me. It’s not them that scared me just the fact that I was not paying attention and almost walked into someone.

That little lady might have been just of a ‘jumpy’ kind - I am - any time anybody appears in my field of vision more or less suddenly I’m like - Holy ■■■■! - thank you, dear sir/madam - now I am one step closer to my heart attack

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I hope you don’t mind me asking, but what do they do?

There is one clerk at the store I go to; who always backs away when I come up. But I found out she just doesn’t like men.

There is one guy who I notice always cringes when my sis and I walk into his line, and my sis will tug my arm and we are off to a different line. I thought this guy was having a problem with me for no reason and that was starting to make me really uncomfortable.

But it turns out he act’s up at my sister’s pool and she’s had to kick him out a few times so it’s not me… he doesn’t like her. (Unlike the guy at the cheese counter who I think is a little TOO attentive to the 17 year old sis)

just walk anyways. or better yet get a dog. with a dog you are simply walking your dog. problem solved.

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yes that’s a great idea ocean, i have two dogs and firstlly it forces me to go out as i have to walk them and secondly people r very friendly when u meet them and always say hello. i find that it forces me to b sociable and that’s a good thing as it gives u a good feeling by interacting in a nice manner with other people. doggy people r always friendly and i like that. i still get spooked if i c a man without a dog walking in the forest but runners and cyclists r ok with me now. and if u don’t want to talk u don’t have to. just a smile and walk on by. brilliant idea ocean!

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That’s a good idea about the dog. I can walk down the street if I have my dog with me. I don’t have the paranoia that I have when by myself, and people don’t act like I’m up to no good, because I’m just a guy walking his dog. I might try doing that again.

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