Walking is the best exercise

I walk a mile to work from the station simply because no buses go there. There is a shortcut apparently but I refuse to find it. I’ve lost 3 pounds since I started working 3 weeks ago.


I agree.
I think walking is the best exercise too.
I walked for 30 min every 2-3 days, I’ve lost 6 kg after 6 months.


Good for you!!!

Walking is a good way to lose weight and relieve stress and anxiety for me.

I walk for at least an hour a day, but it is sometimes more.

Through a sensible diet and lots of walking, I have lost over 40 pounds over the span of a year.

I am really proud of myself :smile:


i walk maratons with my racing hound sometimes for 3 hours

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Walking helps. …a LOT.

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I walk 40 minutes most mornings sometimes more the more the better

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I think pistol squats are the best

Take care and do keep up the activity! I swear by exercise

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