Waiting to fall asleep

night time is the worst part of my day. I just do nothing and wait to fall asleep. it’s supposed to be my relaxing time but maybe I should try to find something to occupy myself.

I think my pdoc is right. I have mild depression when I don’t have any activities or anything to occupy myself. it’s not worth more meds, it’s just mild but mostly present at night. tv doesn’t entertain me, the radio personalities start to wear on me. and I haven’t been enjoying music as much for the last year or so.

would go lay in bed, but i’d just lay there for hours tossing and turning so not going to do that. I don’t know, my nights are lame. doesn’t get dark until 9pm.

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I feel the same way. Don’t know if it’s the invega or what but my mood is just down. By around 6pm I just want to go to bed but it’s too early so I just sit on my bed scrolling the forum, news and YouTube on my cell phone. Lately I have been not interested in you tube, so sometimes I basically just sit and stare. I am trying to practice positive thinking and gratitude to up my mood, but I just feel sorry for myself sometimes. I don’t know if a job would help. I feel like work would just stress me out.

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I don’t like evenings either. I like the extra sunlight we get during the spring summer/months but I get agitated/moody in the evening. If I go to bed early though then I’ll wake up in a couple of hours and have to wait till I’m sleepy again. It’s weird.

Nights are very hard for me, too. I have trouble falling asleep. If I wake up very early in the morning, I can fall asleep easier, but the cost is being tired all day. If I sleep past 8:00am, I struggle at night. I’m super anxious, my stomach aches, and I have restless legs.

It takes me forever to fall asleep, I am a morning person for sure. I wake very early.

Yes, it certainly seems as though you are suffering from depression, @Lifer It’s absolutely horrible and no-one understands it unless they have been through it. I have suffered from clinical depression for most of my life and, for me personally, it was as distressing as psychosis. Fortunately, I’m stable now on anti-depressants.

The lack of interest in everything was particularly hard to deal with. I really hope you find the right treatment and that the depression disappears for good.

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