Hate the afternoon hours

Anyone else dread the afternoon. From around noon to 6pm is the longest part of my day. Its peak, “i dont feel like it” time for me. I end up just sitting around not doing anything.


my bored and hardest time with sz symptoms are around after dinner around 5 till bed at 11

afternoons are not as bad unless i didnt sleep the night before

its summer now and i have a pool so i spend alot of time caring for it and swimming

i also have my puppy training that i do takes a couple hours a day of my time

i also go out with my mom and pup to train her walking and behaving in stores

but i feel you, if its raining or i just woke up more tired then when i went to bed i get the [quote=“Edparry, post:1, topic:276039”]
“i dont feel like it” time for me. I end up just sitting around not doing anything

its hard but finding a hobby is the best way to find an escape to endless hours of boredom

I like to draw and play video games. Its just getting started thats hard. Plus with my anxiety i feel too nervous to start something. I usually play video games before i go to bed.


ya i get anxious at night along with paranoia

i cant play video games cause they become my reality and i go into psychosis

i try to watch tv but i only watch things on the cooking channel and animal planet

it is hard to start new things i just do the same thing everyday

my days are like groundhog day

the same thing every day

it gets mundane and triggering like i will never wake up from this nightmare of sz symptoms

Afternoons are hard for me on the weekends if we have nothing planned.

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Certain video games trigger me. I play world of warcraft and that doesnt seem to bother me. Sadly my internet is out tonight and i wont have anything to play or watch

that sux can you atleast stay here and talk

your good peps i like talking to you

by the way if you dont mind can i ask how your friend made out last night

I hate 7pm to until I sleep at 11:30pm.

I feel ya. My mh is always at its worst around those hours of the arvo.

He was pretty depressed. But today he said he enjoys sleep so “maybe he will sleep his life away.” I thought it was good he said life. Maybe i talked him out of suicide? He talks to his therapist tomorrow. He is just so freakin depressed. I try to help but he just shoots everything down. I dont know what i can do

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im sorry he is so depressed

its good he has you as a friend to talk to

hopefully the therapist can help

just being an ear to listen can be a great help

I sometimes get anxious after I e taken my medication at 4 pm.

That’s why I’m in bed 5 pm.
Hoping to get to sleep n sleep it away but I have insomnia.

Some days I’m bored all day, somedays I’m not bored at all.

Afternoons drag on work days for sure.

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You work? Thats awesome. I just kinda got fired from my job.

Senior insurance broker. Specialize in commercial.

Oh wow. Good job. Thats amazing! You are an inspiration to those who want to work some day. I hope i can find a job that i can do. I tried driving delivery and janitorial work. My degree is in psychology. I just cant handle stress. It makes me paranoid. Even if my parents have a disagreement i can get paranoid. So work is very hard

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Delivery driving is very stressful. I have a couple of acquaintences who do it and they are perpetually bug-eyed from stress. These are normies and the job is killing them.

Yeah. Something about being in a car for more than an hour makes me get paranoid