I feel sleepy and don't wanna talk when depress

I feel sleepy and don’t wanna talk when feeling depress,anyone else like that?

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I think a lot of people don’t want to talk when depressed.

I know when I’m low, I just want to sit and think.

I get sort of passive… I want others to cheer me up… I don’t want to use the energy to cheer myself up.


As I’ve just slept like 38 hours on and off for the last two days. Hardest thing I find with sza is understanding where the sz symptoms end and the mood symptoms begin. So differentiating the thought process from the moods. if that makes sense.

That’s a lot a lot,infact too much sleep in 48hrs

That’s nothing really. Yes I mention it my doctor. Mainly when I’ve slept so long I’m so disoriented from not knowing what day it is. For depression many just call it blanket therapy. A full week I’ve heard from some Bipolars is the longest. Sometimes the brain is so active it just needs to shut down. Sleep is often the best way of doing it. A better sleep schedule is best though but I’ve spend most of life doing shift work/working nights I still can’t seem to get right. Plus the mania of being so active and not being tired sometimes. Love the way you turned it on me in the spotlight btw.

Yes,thank you,I want to thank you for giving me a different perspective,I always feel guilty for sleeping a lot ,now after I read what you wrote I ought to think differently though because I had a Mental illness,not excuse but truth,but i had to control though not sleeping unnecessary(this apply to myself)

If you want to be pedantic. What is your sleep schedule like normally? Do you follow sleep hygiene? Have you had yourself tested at a sleep clinic? When do you stop taking caffeine during the day? etc etc etc

I’m tired, depressed, and quiet. I’ve been that way my whole life, except for the times I was on an antidepressant that was working.

i sleep at least 8 hrs a day without fail,but i take mirtazapine as an antidepressant before i sleep.Mirtazapine get me to sleep easier