Waiting for ulotaront

Hello all. I got diagnosed with schizophrenia at 23 after smoking lots of marijuana. Im 29 now. Every medication ive been on has made me feel like ■■■■. Ive been on abilify risperidone and flupenexiol. Im desperately waiting for this medication because of the cognitive decline and negative symptoms that the medications cause me. Im hoping this new medication would help with those things. I live in canada so i got a while until this medication comes out here. Im guessing maybe 3 more years and it will be out in canada. Are you guys desperately waiting for this medication as well?


These are more likely caused by sz rather than meds but meds can worsen them. For me partial dopamine agonists were best of which I only tried Abilify. Was Abilify better than risperidone? It is for me.

I learned to stop pinning my hopes on upcoming meds over 20 years ago. I rely on myself to make up for what my meds can’t do nowadays.


Abilify was better then risperidone but it gave me a stiff neck and i had trouble talking. Im pretty sure the negative symptoms are caused by the meds as i never ha e these negative symptoms when im off meds. The meds antagonize dopamine receptors so naturally that means you feel like ■■■■ since we dont have any dopamine.

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The way my psychiatrist explained to me is that sz can cause low dopamine in certain brain areas regardless of meds but meds can worsen negative and cognitive symptoms. In other brain parts, dopamine is too high. APs work by blocking dopamine receptors in all the brain but partial dopamine agonists don’t, instead they occupy dopamine receptors as if it was dopamine but with a weaker effect than dopamine.


How did you get schizophrenia. Were you born with it or did you get it from drug use.

Lets agree to disagree

I used pot a few times so idk. Anyways, in my experience of stopping all meds for 2yrs, I was never the same as before sz.

So you’re saying its the meds. Ask your Dr to take you off meds then.

Did you try other partial dopamine agonists like Rexulti and Vraylar or Caplyta?

That sucks you didnt return to yourself after stopping meds. Ive stopped meds myself and i was able to feel great again. It took me like 6 months but yeah i had lots of dopamine and was basically back to my old self. Cognitively felt better and didnt have negative symptoms. Maybe i dont have schizophrenia if im able to return back but instead have something else. In anycase, im currently waiting for ulotaront. Hoping it dosnt give me negative symptoms and cognitive decline. But holy moly is it a long wait. I got like another 3 years until it comes out in canada.

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I am in Canada too. Why did you go back on meds after stopping them? Relapse? Personallly I am waiting for Vraylar as my Dr told me it will soon be released here.

Hi. I cant get off meds as i am on a community treatment order. Also i get auditory hallucinations when i go off meds. I have not tried rexulti but im thinking about it. I want to get switched to seroquel and see if that helps. Amd if not seroquel then rexulti. Basically i qanna try each med and see what helps the most with negative symptoms. But my doctor dosnt want to switch me to seroquel she wants me to stay on flupenexiol.

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Ive heard of vraylar buy dont know much about it. Is it a partial agonist?

Im on meds cause ive relapsed s few times where i was having auditory hallucinations. My parents called the cops on me because of it. Thsts why im on meds. If it were up to me peronally i would live life med free but i dont have that choice since im on a community treatment order. When im not on meds i ha e positive symptoms but no negative symptoms. Which is what makes me believe its the meds giving it to me.

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Yes Vraylar is a partial dopamine agonist. I was on Abilify for 8yrs and it was the best med for negative symptoms but bcz of it I developped shopping addiction and was impulsive. I read that those are possible side effects of Abilify and Rexulti. Its why I am waiting on Vraylar. My parents also called the cops on me, I was talking to myself nonsense, punching holes in the wall, throwing stuff etc

I hope Ulotaront will be released soon here and that its better than all the other meds for negative symptoms. But its not even released in the US yet and US meds take a few years before reaching Canada. Vraylar was released in the US in 2015 and it was only recently submitted to Health Canada for approval. It has yet to be approved.

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I also wish I could live off meds but everytime I stop meds I relapse. I stopped meds for max 2yrs but was almost always psychotic during those 2yrs.

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Thanks velociraptor.
At aziz, yeah thats a long time for vraylar to not be here. Im on a community treatment order and my doctor dosnt want to switch me to pills. I need to convince her to let me switch.

Thats crazy punching holes in the wall lol. I didnt do anything like that. Just was hearing things all the time. There were times where i thought there were cameras on me and ppl were spying on me on my laptop and cellphone.

Im hoping ulotaront gets released a year after it gets released in the usa. But as you say it could take a long time. I really hope it dosnt. Im thinking ulotaront will get released sooner in canada because sunovion has a location in mississauga ontario.


Only if it is approved.

My guess is 2 years USA, 5 years Canada. Four phase 3 clinical trials are still running, 3 of the 4 trials are still recruiting patients.
And most meds only work well for a minority of patients.