New medicine?

is there new medicine available for sz or bipolar?

Ulotaront is in the pipeline. Its coming out in 2024. Its supposed to be good for positive and negative symptoms.


I was so looking forward to it coming out in 2023, but oh well

@Gecko tou experience negative symptoms from the medications you currently on?

No, I have negative symptoms in general. Not sure if Ulotaront treats those kinds of negative symptoms. But I’m hoping it does. But they also promised that with Abilify.

There are newer meds for both on the market. And new meds come out all the time.

Are they actually better than abilify though? I thought they basically had the same mechanism of action as abilify.

No Ulotarant is different, it works on TAAR1 receptors.

I’m talking about the other “new” medications on the market that came out after abilify. They basically are the same as abilify.

You mean Caplyta? Afaik its a dopamine antagonist and not a partial dopamine agonist like Abilify but it also acts on NMDA and AMPA receptors.

Oh I didn’t know that. I just thought they hadn’t made decent strides in medicine for schizophrenia since abilify. Have you tried Caplyta? I didn’t know that even existed, sounds like something I need to try.

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No, its not available here in Canada.

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Oh dang. 15151515

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Do you know if it’s expensive or hard to get prescribed?

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Oh, I just read reviews on it, seems to not have the best reviews. But I assume most schizophrenic medication is like that.

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I have no idea, maybe make a thread about it. I think some users are or were on it. This is its mechanism, it acts on D1 receptors and not only D2.

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Stimulating D1 receptors seems to improve cognition from what I read.

I’m good, I’ll just ask my doctor about it, although she will probably just say wait till I see a psychiatrist, which who knows how soon it will be till I finally get to see one.

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I just wish these medications weren’t such a crap shoot. Like even if there are positives to a medication, they always got to have negatives.

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But I’ve only tried one so far, so I definitely can’t complain seeing as many of you have been through tons of meds, I can’t even imagine.

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