Anyone else frutrated these clinical trials take so long?

Hi all. So ive been following ulotaront since like november 2021. So from reading the clinical trials they apparently forst created this drug in 2013. It is now 2022 and there still testing the drug. I dont understand why these clinical trials have to be 10 years +. It feels like 5 years or less would be long enough to test it. Like ulotaront has a trial that wont begin until 2024. Instead of starting it in 2024 why dont they start it now? Same goes with other drugs like karlxt and emricladine.

Do you think there is some form of corruption go making the test take so long. Like this is a way for the FDA to make more money or something. What are your thoughts.

I’ve been waiting for my miracle med since 1994.

Still waiting.

Lol wow sorry to hear. Yeah ppl were saying.abilify with negatives and that turned out to be a big flop. Im really hoping these new meds would help with negative and cognitive problems. Basically we need a medication that gets rid of psychosis and dosnt cause any side effects.

I’ve still got the negatives. Got tired of waiting for an external fix and pushed myself to move past them on my own. Still have the odd bad day where they trap me in front of a TV, but not often.

Well thats good your keeping more active. I spend most of my time on the computer or cellphone. But i really feel like it taking q0 years to release medication is really hindering the process. Like why does these test have to be so damn long.

Abilify actually was the best med I have tried for my negatives. I was more functional on it than even off meds. But not as functional as before sz.

I’ve been the best on Invega 150mg injection. This has kept me the most stable.

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I try to remember that if a new drug works, it will only work on 50-60% of patients. Many patients will have lack of efficacy, some will have adverse effects. Patients tend to expect too much with new meds.

Because rushing things kills people.

If you aren’t afraid of bad medicine I don’t know what to tell you. Our history of mental health is riddled with failures and objectively terrible things.

It may be a long shot from getting a pick stuck through your brain but these medicines are serious business and affect you in the most personal and intimate ways.

You do not want them to be sloppy in their due diligence and acting like this upsets me. Good processes take time and study or more and more people suffer.

Well its like the current medications got FDA approval and they have tons of side effects. So it makes me wonder how exactly these meds got approved if their side effect profile is so large.

I guess i just feel these new meds will be brtter and i wish it was out already.