Vraylar Reviews

Please describe Vraylar Effects . Does it helps out of negativ Symptoms?:smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile:

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It is said to improve few negative symptoms like flat effect…there are few members in this forum who take vraylar and they are improving. .!!!

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Are u from Europe. .??

I like Vraylar better than any med I’ve tried. It is a bit stimulating at normal doses. It is only slightly sedating and can be a bit stimulating at times at a high dose. It does help some with negative symptoms. It isn’t so sedating like most other meds. It elevates my mood a bit too I think

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Yes i am from Germany and if everything goes his way vraylar will be available 2nd quarter 2018. I take Amisulprid ( Solian 100 mg) at night and 5 mg Abilify in the morning. I do not like Solian because of Prolaktin Level and even it makes hungry. Abilfy is good for drive but i hope Vraylar works better for motivation. Even i hope with Vraylar to get a monotheraphy with one Antipsychotica and not to take 2 Meds.



U have to wait a bit …i am sure it will come to germany soon…take care buddy…

Thanks Buddy for your information

I’d like to try Vraylar as well. I wonder when it’s available in England?

I think same like Germany because the EMA is responsible for whole Europe.

1rst or 2cnd Quarter 2018

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Thanks @Shizogerman. :slight_smile:

Vraylar/Reagila is already approved by EMEA and CHMP, it’s just weeks away before it is on the market in Europe.

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Are you sure, because im very excited for it

No i wrote with Richter It takes up to one year

An NDA takes up to one year for drug dis-approval or approval. It’s already approved in May, from then it’s just a matter of months before marketing will begin.

If otherwise, please post their reply to you…

I just wrote Gedeon Richter for getting information from first hand. Probably EMA Authorization is longer than FDA.


You want to bet it’s near in the future instead 2018?

Yes why not if it officially available

So I wrote to Richter’s branch office in my country. They said that they’re going to try to market the drug in my small country(yay for me), but that it won’t be in the pharmacies sooner than the beginning of 2019 here, it will depend on how fast my country will approve it. And the soonest Cariprazine will launch on the EU market could be the 4th quarter of this year. I guess the time when it’s available in different EU countries pharmacies depends on how fast they approve it(if they do).

Where do u live godex …!!!

I’d rather not say, sry.

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