Any informations about Reagila/Vraylar (cariprazine) release date in Europe?


Since Abilify is causing me serious sedating effects and slow thinking, I was wondering when this med will be available in Europe because it looks kinda “sexy”. I’ve read somewhere that it will be available on Spring 2018, is that true ? Or are we just lacking of informations as for now ?
Thank in advance for your answers !


I will get on it after the holidays, in January 2018 and I’m in the EU. I sent an email to Richter’s branch office this week. They said the price in EU will be 99.88 euros for 28 days, for all doses and for all countries, quite a discount from 1,1k USD in the USA.

The reason I have to pay and make a special application, is that it will take a long time for them to market it in my small country and I’d have to wait until then, which I don’t want to do. But once they’ll get around to marketing it over here, I should be able to get it for free.

You could find the branch office of Geodon Richter in your country and send them an email, they’ll be happy to help, I’m sure.


For me, Vraylar has been great.


Godex where in the EU do you live? Do you know when Reagila enters the German market?


I’m not gonna say where I live, sorry. It’s not that relevant anyways.

I don’t know when it will enter the market in Germany, France, Belgium etc; you’re just going to have to send the email, preferably to Richter’s branch in your countries.

They want to market it in the bigger/richer countries first obviously. So it will come out in Germany/France way before it will come out where I live. Where I live it will be not until 2019.


But the Price is very cheap i think. It is comparable to Abilify 20mg and cheaper than Invega.


I just came back from the pdoc. She could already write me the prescription for Reagila. There was no special application she or I had to make either.

I went to the pharmacy after and gave them my email, they’ll send me an email when the Reagila is ready to be picked up, somewhere in the beginning of January probably.


Sent a mail to them, apprently the lab who will take care of this med in my country is “Bouchara-Recordati” . Will mail them for further informations


I have written also a mail to Gedeon and they have hand off my question also to recordati. If I get an answer I will let all of you know it.


Is Reagila/Vraylar the same molecule?


Yes, Reagila and Vraylar are both Cariprazine. Reagila is the brand name in the EU and Vraylar in the USA.


Is cariprazine sedant enough to sleep in the nights?
Anyone with sleeping problems solved with cariprazine?


Vraylar gives me insomnia. I take trazodone and it helps.


So recevied a mail from Recordati. They can’t tell me anything about the release date yet because this med must be evaluated by french health autorities in order to be a refundable med. I don’t know how long will it take, but I’m afraid that it won’t be before a while…


I was having trouble sleeping then I started intuniv and it seems to help me. Then I went off ativan at nite. Was taking .5 mg and had trouble sleeping plus stress that made sleeping difficult. Anyway my sleep has leveled outout. Was sleeping 9 to 12 hours a night now I’m down to 8 to 10


Sorry to wake up an old post. Did you have any luck finding Reagila in Germany? Im in Portugal and I went to the pharmacy asked for Reagila, the pharmacist saw on the computer screen, all available dosages of Reagila and she told me that 1 bottle of 1,5mg with 28 caps was 110€. Although Reagila showed up on the screen, the pharmacist called 3 medicine distributors but none of them had it avaliable. The pharmacist said although Reagila appears on the system, already have price etc it takes a while till the medicine is actually commercialised .


You can by Reagila in Germany.


Wow thats amazing!!! Hopefully it will be available in Portugal soon too. I called a friend in Greece and he will go to the pharmacy to ask if its avaliable. I live near the border Portugal/Spain and will drive this weekend to check if they have it in Spain. Thank you.


You are welcome!


Hello, there is not cariprazine in Spain. It is not posible finding it.
Take a good day.