Vraylar New Reviews

Are there New Reviews about Vraylar in Case of Negativ Symptoms ?

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I think vraylar wont treat negative symptoms…i have read that somewhere…

I am also waiting for new reviews.

Yes that would be nice to read positiv Life Changer maybe

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Where r u from shizo …!!! look nice and hopeful…

I am from Germany What Do you mean with hopeful

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@far_cry0 Read here Vraylar can improve negative symptoms.

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You have to registrate there it is mit for Patients. I would live read it. :sob:

Joksala where you from

It helps some compared to other meds but not completely for me. My worst negative symptom is concentration problems. Don’t get me wrong, I think i have better concentration than on other aps though.

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How does it help compareing to Abilify or SolIan?

I couldn’t tolerate abilify and I’ve never heard of sollan.

Its generic name iz amisulpride…!!!

Never tried it.

What was your difference between Abilify and Vraylar

I am also from Germany. I have also a big hope in Vraylar. It will come next year to Germany

Joksala i am from Heilbronn and you

Fair Cry which Meds Do you take

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Hope in April2018

I take rispridal 3mg and seroquel 25 mg…!! What do u take…???