Vraylar,its on the market already?

oh,i just saw it was approved in usa. you got it there already? someone who will get it? they say it looks like abilify,is this true?

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Where are you from Anna?

sofia,bulgaria. here we have actavis,they have the rights on vraylar with gedeon richter… and you? probably well have it sooner than in france(ive studied in france once) :slight_smile:

I’m from Portugal. Just wondering, someone here was saying it takes 3 years for a med to come to Europe, I’m gonna check with my pdoc about that too.

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Admin won’t like me for this but don’t jump to a new drug just because its new. Its just the same class of dugs meaning most likely its the same result.

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yes,i know. i dont even want to try it now as i am trying with haldol. i still believe stupidly that probably it will be exactly the haldol that will help me. i ve failed on every atypical out there…

The more you read - the more this drug seems likely to be underwhelming…

“The agency rejected cariprazine in 2013 and demanded more clinical trial data to determine the ideal dose of the drug, its inventors said at the time. Two years later, Allergan and Gedeon completed a follow-up Phase III trial in which cariprazine met its goals of reducing schizophrenic relapses compared with placebo, adding those results to combined data from more than 2,700 schizophrenia and bipolar patients in their successful resubmission.”

Cariprazine, to be sold as Vraylar, was once considered a potential blockbuster, with Richter setting its sales potential at as much as $2 billion a year. But the drug’s long path to market has dampened enthusiasm among analysts, and Evercore-ISI’s Umer Raffat pegs its peak value closer to $200 million a year.

The drug is a potent dopamine D3/D2 receptor partial agonist atypical antipsychotic…

Nothing really new here - Abilify is in the same class of medications…


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Zyprexa helped me with delusions but the miracle drug (for me!) was xeplion, did you try those Anna?

i have haldol in the morning and zyprexa in the evening in fact… xeplion ive triend it in injections but it didnt help me for 5 months. maybe ill go on it for the second time if haldol is not good for me…

It took 6 months for xeplion to work for me but eventually did…

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Maybe you just have to give time for meds to work instead of trying them for small periods of time…

yeah i know. ill wait with haldol this time if its bearable. in fact some were just unbearable like clopixol and seroquel and abilify…

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Yeah, some meds just don’t mix with some people. Well I’m going to sleep now. Hope you feel better!

have a good night, bye,thank you :slight_smile:

I was the same way with atypicals and am on haldol now and it’s working great for over a year now. The leg cramps were really bad at first and getting used to the lack of energy/enjoyment took a bit longer, but now I’m used to it and it’s fine. I hope you have as much luck with it!

oh thanks led. i dont enjoy things anymore without haldol as well… hope it ll work here,yeah :slight_smile:

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Hi there. I’m from Portugal and i did a research about vraylar and it seems pretty good to treat negative symptoms of schizofrenia. Can someone please tell me how long it’s gona take to arrive to Portugal? Thank you very much

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Olá! Pode demorar até três anos a chegar a portugal, depois de ser aprovado pelo FDA nos estados unidos… Benvindo :smile:

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Vraylar is still in phase 3 of European trials. There is one study that still has to be completed. After that there be a submission and review by EMEA (European FDA). If everything is alright I guess it’ll pass a couple of months before it’s on the market in the EU, so somewhere in 2016.


Thank you for the reply. I want to believe in your answer more than mini’s. Sorry mini lol
I want to try the medication as soon as possible. I hope it’s on the market in 2016. I will talk to my doctor

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