Vraylar Reviews


Someone knows when vraylar will be available in france?


When I first started taking Vraylar it was quite stimulating. I had some anxiety. But I’ve been taking it over a year now and it’s the best medication I have ever tried. I think I adjusted to the stimulating effects of the medication. I drink copious amounts of caffeine and I am fine. Sometimes I feel under-stimulated. But I am more active than ever.


Vraylar’s been working well for me. I have mostly good days now and it helps me to actually do stuff and not just lay around. Currently on 4.5 mg.

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Can you all please tell me about any weight gain on taking this ?

I’ve gained weight. Not as much as Risperdal or Abilify. Vraylar (like all AP’s I’ve tried) cause me to drink soda. But at least I walk and stuff.

What about Drive and Motivation

Better than most meds. I think it helps. For me, I suffer from depression.

I agree it is better than most meds. It hasn’t caused weight gain for me and does not make me hungry. It does help a little with drive and motivation.


Hello there, I was just prescribed vraylar and I feel like wonder woman, I have set goals and followed through. I have tried ALOT of medications though seraquel works well, it makes me jerk around and cause anxiety so I take that with an ambien so I don’t feel those side effects. My medications are seraquel and ambien at night and vraylar and adderall and neurontin during the day, side note I have been on adderral for a few years so it definitely boosts it and I feel wonderful


Do you have ADHD? I can’t take adderall due to paranoia. I don’t think I have ADHD but I might have a learning disability or some sort like mild/borderline Aspergers. Does it help? What are the drawbacks? Thanks.

What Do you mean with Goals? Are you more motivatd?e