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Vraylar approved for Europe. Will be called "Reagila"



Vraylar Germany




Great news!! Thanks @everhopeful


I wonder when it will be available on the market. Gonna travel in less than 2 months.


I expect treatments that cure the disorder or at least effectively get rid of symptoms,
especially cognitive impairment.


It’ll probably take more than 2 months.


:clap::clap::clap::clap: I’m glad !!!


That sucks, for me the worst case scenario but not unexpected. Have to be on Latuda this summer :expressionless:


Don’t know much about vraylar since I’ve never taken it other than what I hear on the board. But congrats to the EU :man_with_gua_pi_mao:t2:


Have you ever take Vraylar ?


Such a weird name. Why does it need 3 names?


My pdoc loves Vraylar, handing it out to many patients with good insurance coverage. I don’t think we should treat drugs as if they are good just because they are new. Hopefully having more people on this one will show whether or not it is really beneficial or just another abilify clone.


As for side effects of dopamine partial agonists:

“For the indication of schizophrenia, the rank order for propensity for weight gain appears to be
brexpiprazole > aripiprazole > cariprazine,
the propensity for somnolence aripiprazole > brexpiprazole > cariprazine
and the propensity for akathisia cariprazine > aripiprazole > brexpiprazole”


Excellent news, thanks for posting. I wanted to try vraylar. Shame it’s not an injection yet, my doctor doesn’t trust me taking tablets so I guess I won’t be trying this.


No @Indecisive I doubt that it will help me.


This is good news for my European friends!
Vraylar didn’t work out for me but it works for many people.


Works for me!

15 char


That fast.??? i mean few days ago we were just speculating


It could help at least a bit! I want to try it and you should to :slightly_smiling_face:


I wonder if it causes sexual dysfunction?