When will Vraylar become available in Canada?

Any one knows where to search for this info?
I couldn’t find anything in google.

My psychiatrist said he doesn’t know but that US meds take over 5 years to reach Canada.
And not all US meds reach Canada.

I really like Vraylar because its a dopamine regulator and not a blocker. So minimal negative symptoms.

“Cariprazine acts to inhibit overstimulated dopamine receptors (acting as an antagonist) and stimulate the same receptors when the endogenous dopamine levels are low.”

“The drug received FDA approval on September 17, 2015.”

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I think Vraylar would be good for me but I don’t think my pdoc will want to change my meds since I’ve been doing so well on them.

What meds are you on? Did you ever try Abilify or Rexulti? It a similar med but without addiction and hypersexuality side effects. Abilify improved my negative symptom a lot but I had intolerable side effects, that’s why I am sure that Vraylar is good for me bcz its a dopamine regulator just like Abilify and Rexulti unlike all other antipsychotics.

Do you have negative symptoms?

I’m on an Invega Sustenna injection. I used to take 5 mg of Abilify for a short time but I’m not sure I noticed anything on it. I still have negative symptoms. I have alogia, avolition, anhedonia, and apathy.

Hmm if Abilify didn’t work for you I don’t think Vraylar will work but you can try. For me Abilify improved my negatives from now at 0% and since diagnosis to 50-60%, not bad. (Improved by 50-60%).

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5mg is a low dose, I was on 25mg, maybe you can try 20mg idk its up to your psychiatrist.

My old pdoc who put me on Abilify moved out of town and I don’t think my current pdocs want to change my meds.

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I couldn’t find anything either. I’ve seen you ask this question before so I know you are eager for a response. My best advise would be to contact the producers directly and ask. i got a phone number from the vraylar website. its 1 (800) 678-1605.

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Ok thank you I will call it soon or tomorrow morning, its night here.

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They handled dozens of drugs so it may be a dead end to get an answer out of them but I think its your best bet. Worth a try anyway. ALLERGAN is the name of the company.

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I tried looking it up last time you asked this question and I couldn’t find anything sorry man

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