Vraylar Experiences?

Anyone here ever been on Vraylar? I just took my first dose tonight, starting at 3mg.

I’m starting next week at 1.5 mg.

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I couldn’t tolerate doses over 1.5mg.
It was way too stimulating for me, worse than Abilify.

I became psychotic on it and had to be involuntarily hospitalized.

Maybe because I was on a low dose?

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It gave me tremors and twitches, so I don’t take it anymore.


It was a good med, controlled my positive symptoms.
Couldn’t sleep the first few weeks, but that went away.
Only things I didnt like were the inability to feel full and rapid weight gain.

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I was on 6mg a day without many side effects. I had breakthrough hallucinations recently so it’s now at 10.5mg a day for now. Still don’t know if the insurance will pay for it. I feel the need to lay down a lot at 10.5 mg a day. I’ll adjust eventually


how are you doing 4 days on?

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really good actually! My hallucinations have decreased, delusional thinking has decreased, and my thoughts aren’t as tangled and confused.


Hows they symptoms? Please elaborate:^)

Hows they symptoms? Please elaborate:^) im thinking of switching

Are your thoughts still clear? Hows it work for paranoia and delusions?

I’ve always wondered if in 10-15 years when Vraylar goes generic if the thing would still work for me…some say there is a difference between the brand name pill and the generic pill.

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Yeah i wonder myself. But they say generic is exact same. Supposedly… yeah its gonna take a long x for the patent to expire

named they don’t have generic out. Probably for another 10+ years, right?

Did it help with symptoms though?

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Does it help with thought organizations and paranoia?

Are you still on it?

I’ve been on invega for 7 months now. Gained 30 lbs so far. Saw the doctor three days ago and tried telling her to either put me on vraylar, geodon or lamictal. She gave me bupropion instead. I think I’m more distinctly hearing voices again so I will give this one more day before I see a different doctor that is closer. I want to try vraylar. My dna test said I would have lesser side effects on it than abilify. When I was on abilify my reaction time to everything was so slow it felt like I had multiple symptoms of dystonia. I hope its not the same with vraylar. I also saw that vraylar is weight neutral. Maybe I will lose weight on it? I dunno… Great news to know though! Maybe switching to something more activating will help. Better than what I’m on now at least.

A bit yes. 15 15

I hope this doesn’t scare you, because this is super rare, but I took Vraylar for a couple weeks and it gave me visual hallucinations more often and it made me agitated. But it did make me happier at times. Not sure I have schizophrenia lol

Also, it made it harder to sleep when I took it at night