Vraylar Experiences?

Still on vraylar?

Still on vraylar?

Was on vraylar for about 5 months,

It helped with some of my positive symptoms and I didn’t gain too much weight on it,
Overall I think it’s one of the better APs out of the lot I’ve taken.

Didn’t do shít for me. May as well have been a tictac.


Still on vraylar? I’m switching from risperdal. I hope it helps my disorganized thinking

Hows vraylar going?

Are you still on vraylar

no sorry, but I was on it for a while so I can answer questions

What did it help with? Why’d you get off it?

I had a psychotic relapse while on 160mg of Geodon, went to a Partial Hospital Program and the doc gave me Vraylar. First 3mg, then 4.5, then 6. It helped with the psychosis, but made me very energetic. Could barely sleep at night, overcome with anxiety. That’s why I came off of it.

How long till those side effects showed up

Did you go back on geodon

maybe 3 weeks 151515

I went back on Haldol, I’m now on 15mg of that