Anyone else take the new med vraylar

I think its a pretty postitive influence

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I take it. Works pretty well.

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I was on it for a short while.
It wasn’t the right fit for me.

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Sounds interesting. I’ve only been on zyprexa a short while now and it really seems to be a good fit so I don’t know if I’d be willing to try something else right now

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Understandable. I know some meds just aren’t right for others. Im on a combo of haldol and vraylar and its starting to work more with the added haldol. Haldol has always worked well for me

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I’m only on Vraylar. Does the other make it better?

For me it has been not sure if its the combo or just I needed an extra antipsychotic honestly

They only gave me that and nothing else. I think it’s making me itch.

Really? Im on 6 different meds. Im not sure if it causes itchiness I havent had anythink besides twitching and shaking

Oh no. That sucks. I’m 54 years old. I think I’m too old 4 this stuff.

I would like to try vraylar. Can anyone compare vraylar with Abilify. I’m taking abilify and risperidone consta.

Yes i’d like to know @Green

Im unsure I hope someone can help you guys with that. I havent been on abilify since I first became sick in the hospital. It gave me akathisia so I couldnt take it