Vraylar approved for Europe. Will be called "Reagila"

If it does, it could be worse. So far I’m doing better than on Risperdal.

How much respridral are u on…i am on 6mg…

I don’t take Risperdal right now, just Vraylar.

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So I’m on 3 mg of Vraylar. What is the equivalent dose for other meds like Risperdal?

How iz ur experience on vyaylar…has it improve ur negative symptoms. .

It has helped. That’s all I can say. I can’t really tell you exactly because I smoke and drink a lot of carbonated drinks, which seem to interact with my medications.

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Although Vraylar wasn’t the right fit for me, it did help with Negative Symptoms.

Why you stop taking it?

It was too Activating and it made me very Anxious.
But this was my experience, it may work fine for you.

maybe it can help some, yeap :slight_smile:

I’d like to try vraylar now.


Keep us updated…green.

Sup my man.what are u upto…

I’m doing ok @far_cry0, I’m just looking for the perfect medicine. :slight_smile:

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Is the order strong stronger most strong or the other way around?

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Cariprazine is least likely to cause somnolence and weight gain and most likely to cause akathisia.

Hello everebody,
I am french and schizo paranoïde with lack of motivation and anhodenia.
I would like to know if someone tried vraylar and if it increased your motivation and if it worked for anhédonia.

Thanks a lot for you replies.

Sorry for my english.

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Is Vraylar available in Canada?

I love your new avatar :slight_smile:

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Salut kader

As-tu essayé la thérapie cognitive comportementale? Je n’arrive pas à trouver un bon psychologue dans ma région (je vis en Roumanie) mais cette thérapie est censée améliorer les symptômes négatifs tels que le manque de motivation et de plaisir…


Salut Audrey,

Je n’ai jamais tenté une quelconque thérapie, je vois pas en quoi ça peut m’aider ? Tu peux me la dire? J’ai un problème psychique pas psychologique, enfin je peux me tromper. Ma psychiatre ne m’a jamais parlé de thérapie.
Je suis schizo paranoïde, mon apragmatisme est connu comme étant " une séquelle " de la parano tandis que toi tu es schizo déficitaire… tu penses qu’on a des symptômes en commun?

Je te souhaite bon courage et au plaisir de lire Audrey.

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