Voices quiet again

my voices occur mostly all the time but they r also episodic in that they will b infrequent for about 4 months and then omnipresent for a few months and then quiet again. it doesn’t seem to matter which meds i’m on or at what dose. right now they have been infrequent for about 3 or four days with busy periods when i write my journal but for the most part infrequent. there doesn’t seem to b any rhyme or reason to this. anybody else’s voices like this?

only my negative voices have taken a vacation to the bahamas, lucky them !
so my mind is pretty empty at the moment, HOORAY !! ( and rather an odd feeling )
take care


yes it is odd when thry’re quiet isn’t it. nice though!


I get physically ill when my head is too quiet. I remember one time waking up from ECT with a completely quiet head and I was now convinced that they put me under and switched my brain.

I was very upset. I vaguely remember telling the nurses over and over that I don’t like this brain, I want MY brain back.

Too quiet and I can’t even concentrate or find my center or navigate my head.

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i love the silence. it’s certainly preferable to being harassed all day and night. i’m making the most of it while it lasts!