Who hears audible voices on meds?

Id like to know how many of you hear voices (audible, peoples voices) while on meds?
What is their frequency, volume?

Voices on meds?
  • Yes i hear voices on meds all day
  • No i dont have voices on meds
  • I get them under stress otherwise not

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Hi @fractaled @agent101g @Ooorgle @Pikasaur
@schizophrenisaurus @Naarai @Schztuna can you guys help me out


Yes mate. What the matter :slight_smile:

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Just wondering if youve ever heard vicky all the time while on meds?

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My voices came back in ‘thought form’ on meds but only for a limited number of hours in the day. Im worried the audible ones will too

Hahaha . Bloody “vicky” lol. She creeps in usually in the last week of the depot when its due. Thats when i increase my seraquol dose.

Im not too concerned about her tbh, cos shes condescending more than anything, and in a sick way she can be comforting. Its never nasty. Its all “your an angel” “your sweet” and all that cobblers.

If i lost my insight tho - that would be a different matter. She always crops up, when ive been on the pot as well. Im never that far gone to believe shes real anymore, and i have the Invega Jab to thank for that.


I hear voices on meds sometimes even while not under any stress.

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Sometimes they cut through, but mostly there is non-sensical babbling going on in my internal dialogue in my head.

When I am focused on something, easily ignored.

I find audible voices come through mainly under stress, or when I am trying to sleep which is pretty irritating. Early mornings it sometimes happens too

Now I have learned just to live with it, and the so called meaning behind the decoding of them has long passed.

I don’t give a ■■■■ about the content anymore

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Thanks eveybody!! @SkinnyMe how loud are they? How often?

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Are you talking about thought like voices? How many hours in the day do you have them?

Sometimes rather loud. Sometimes medium. Sometimes faint.

I hear them almost daily. They continue until I distract myself with an activity.


Ok not cool. How many hours in the day?

Yes they’re constantly arguing and commenting on what I am doing - and refer to me by my first name. Their my own thoughts FFS. So I don’t understand why.

Literally when ever my focus drops, I notice them - but they’re always there

When they were at their worst, it drove my anxiety through the roof.

I think I am over it now, hence why I am trying to quit my anxiety meds

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I had to vote for under stress, and all the time on meds, simply because I hear voices every day even when not under stress but they definitely become harder to ignore and much more aggressive when I’m stressed

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@RottenApple @Joker no med stopped them? Have you exhaussted all your options??

I’ve tried 10 APs and none of them have stopped the voices, including clozapine

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How loud are they?? Can you hear other people speak??

What are your coping mechanisms?

I don’t really have voices anymore.

Sometimes I do think I hear people talking to me or saying my name, trying to get my attention.
It usually happens when there’s lots of immediate noise, like water running, cars roaring by, or I’m wearing headphones


Their loudness depends. Usually they’re just a normal talking voice, sometimes they get loud and yell. Sometimes I hear them whisper to each other to the point that I can’t make out what they’re saying. I cope with loud music and distracting myself with Rubik’s cubes

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I am done with trying to fight it all with meds

There are some things worth doing it for, but I think my mental state is such that I get by. More than sometimes.

Not really bothered by it.

At least the delusions are at bay - they made me act really crazy