How consistent is the intensity of your voices?

My voices are usually consistently around, but they will randomly get a LOT more intense or a lot less intense from time to time. Sometimes they’ll disappear for a few days, only to come right back. Sometimes they’ll just grow really faint. Sometimes they become extremely crazy and extremely obtrusive and make me feel horrible and weird. These changes just happen out-of-the-blue, even when I’m on a stable medication regimen.

How consistent is the intensity severity of your voices? Do they randomly intensify or disappear?

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Yes all of the above. My voices fade in and out, have strong moments and weak moments.

I’ve been using them as an indicator of how much stress I’m taking in. When I’m relaxed and swimming and feel fine, they are so faint or they go away. But when I’m really having a hard day, they come back strong and mean.

If I work to ignore them, they go away again. It all depends on how strong I am, how stressed I am and how tired I am.

thought i would say hi.
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I think they are always there, it’s just a matter of whether I am aware of them. I do have ‘forgotten’ moments but they are rare.

Thanks for the greetings!

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Recently I’m having periods where I can’t tell if they are there or not. It is basically a 24 hour deal unless I’m dreaming or I’m around people that are talking to me. The loudness varies I’ve been having a few quieter days but one day last week they were bad. I think they are getting quieter in general.

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I used to experience voices all the time along with grandiose delusions. Now I still sometimes have grandiose, but without the voices. So, they are there for a few years and then I don’t have them for a years.

My voices come and go. When I’m in stress it gets worse. But sometimes they come in the evening when I’m relaxed. I’ve went to turn off the tv several times, but it’s already off. Too bad there is no off button on voices.

I sleep with earphones on or I won’t fall asleep. Voices are disturbing me.

I haven’t had voices for quite some time now because the meds help me, but when I got them they were worse in stress, otherwise I could summon them to come and go at will.

I hate my voices. They are so annoying. They keep bringing me back to all the trauma I suffered as a kid and young man. Its so hard to have a happy or even normal life with them.