Imagine this

Your voices and symptoms all left u after u are off med for a few months and the situation sustains well.

would u begin to take med again?

No. If they returned I’d make friends with them, set boundaries and take control over the negative ones so they know they have no power over me. Have friendly conversations and own the ‘evil’ ones to use later. Just like the friendlies, use them when u need help. Owning the voices is key. Make friends with them. The negative ones need a sense of authority, a boss. They both come in handy.

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If I had no symptoms I’ll feel lost and empty and confused. I most likely wouldn’t take meds unless it came back to the degree that I needed them.

For me the thought of a totally quiet head is a bit scary. My voices let me know I’m not dead.


This is what I am planning to do.

Don’t worry about that, you will get use to it within a month.

My son told me this. Then it happened and he found it peaceful. I’m guessing it could take some getting used to :smile:


In the past if my life is perfect and I am taking care of myself I don’t hear voices. But still my mind races. I went so long with out good meds that I am thankful for zyprexa every time I take it. For me if I am nice to my voices they are nice to me. If I’m mad at my voices then they are mean to me. However, I couldn’t be in a pleasant mood if the voices where loud and constant. For the last 15 days I’ve not been talking to them at all. They sound like someone talking in a different room so they are easy to ignore.

I wouldn’t take meds if I didn’t need them. I’d like to be off meds. But without them I stop sleeping and get a bit nutty. But who knows what will happen in the future.

I had Zyprexa for a while. I don’t think it has ever been as quiet in my head as then. It was empty. Hollow. I only had my own thoughts. It was really strange.


the really weird stuff with zyprexa those melt tablets.
was that when i looked at a pen moving in my hand, “with zyprexa” it had less motionblur
or in between steps than without.
i came too the conclussion that zyprexa therefore must have soften my perception.

and too this day it does nothing more for me
than soften"as they say the possitive effects" a bit.

i think i would hear a very big echo…ecchhooooo…eeeecccchhhhhoooooo…!
take care

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I’d be wondering how in the hell? No way can I be well without meds. I don’t know what would be gone exactly. A piece of my mind? That acted a certain way? But if its in a better way I’m all for having a sound mind no issues.