Voices helping me


I know this may sound strange but do your voices sometimes help you? I hate my voices don’t get me wrong but at times they’ll bring up things I may have forgot and that’s helpful. They also sometimes tell me things I need to hear like a voice of reason. Has anyone experienced voices helping them?


My voices and telepathic messages are becoming a little more positive and constructive but they are still an unecessary distraction which hinders my ability to function.


Yes…but that’s how they gain your trust, there incredibly sneaky then they will try to get you to do things you shouldn’t do lol. That was my experience anyway


My voices aren’t a distraction anymore with my meds. They speak maybe once or twice a day if that. It seems like sometimes I hear them when I need to make a decision and they give me an idea, it’s weird.


im very fortunate to not hear voices, but im still loney and psychotic


I hear you. I wish I didn’t have them but I guess I’m just trying to make the best out of a bad situation. I don’t talk to them but I have noticed they help every once in a while.


my voices, the blue aliens, are very helpful.
they are wise, keep me calm, help me with my ocd .
i would be in trouble without them.
very rarely i hear the demons now, they are still on holiday. though i still see them.
take care :alien:


thats what they do for me also. if im thinking hard about a decision they will just chime in “so we have decided to come back because we need to tell you about your decision” then they will give me the pros and cons of whatever im about to do and tell me they dont care if i want to hear them or not i have no choice. then i just tell them to ■■■■ off cuz id rather not hear there opinion." even right now when i think about that they chime in

“thats not true, sometimes you want to hear from us,”

it doesnt bug me its just a nuisance.

I’m a very curious person by nature. I used to ask them for business ideas. again that is just a slippery slope into getting screwed up.


Yes I agree with you it is a slippery slope. I used to talk to them when I was first diagnosed and that was the Wrong thing to do. They thought we were friends at first then they turned on me it was scary. It’s been 3 years and I know better now, lol.


I really rarely get them but they have helped more than harmed, and the tricky ones I pretty much figured out and turned the tables, tricking them.
In the past I have received accurate guidance when lost, warnings to avoid things, some predictive things and knowledge… God - angels - aliens all involved.


they are all tricky lol


Pre-diagnosis, I used to think I was receiving messages via the web, books, movies, random strangers, etc. “They” would tell me to ask a girl out, go to the gym more often, look for jobs, eat healthier, do chores, socialize — that sort of thing. They helped me quit smoking, encouraged me to stay away from drugs. When I became aware I was delusional, they went away.

It originally began as a positive influence in my life, but the suggestions became increasingly darker. At the height of my psychosis, they caused a lot of damage in my life.

Now I am trying to regain those positive motivations without the attached psychosis, and finding it incredibly difficult.



I hear them all the time, and for the most part we get along. For many of you the voices you have will always be with you. The difference with me and you is I can remove their memories so they can find themselves, They do not swear and are unable to hold bad thoughts in my mind. The voices change daily sometimes rotating around to the point I talk with hundreds of souls. I am constantly looking for them the demons you call them as I call them into myself (like a Shaman).

Try to find yourself inside yourself to become yourself.



mine pretend to be nice too but it never lasts long. they have and still do threaten all the time, right now the choice is commit suicide or be killed…that’s a laugh. voices can’t actually make you do anything you don’t want to do. i certainly don’t want to commit suicide but then i never have wanted to. they have better memory capacity than me and can and do remind me where things are but it’s never friendly or if it is it doesn’t last long and then they’re back to being the enemy once again, which they are and always have been. moral of the story is, never trust voices. stick to that and you’ll be fine.


Finding ways to cope with my voices tonight will help me with tomorrow night.


I have about 4 voices that have stuck with me.

One is awful and scary and makes me sick. (the little girl)

Two (the panic man and the commentator) are benign but constant chatter and annoying.

One is actually helpful. (the good doctor) it’s my voice of reason and calm. Has talked me out of bad decisions in my life.


A “good doctor” would be an awesome voice. I get involved sometimes in the hope that some good will be communicated. It hasn’t happened yet, but I’m hopeful.


Mine have been helpful more than not. They taught me to learn a new language a few years before I met my current husband (he is learning english). At the time I didn’t question why the need to learn it, I just went along for the ride (so to speak).
I know the finder blue light thanks to them, which can find me as well as find objects lost (mine or others), and a few other “distractions” of travel to slow down, stop, or speed up time.
Guess I’ve had my share of detrimental to my well being ones as well, but they tend to find someone else who will pay them more attention and get rilled up than me. I acknowledge them, but don’t feed them.


I have one nice helping voice, Michelle. But she is scared of the demon. She has been very quiet last couple of weeks. That’s when the demon showed up.


I tried Rosetta Stone, and hope for positive invaders.