Anyone Benefit from Voices ever?

Now, don’t get me wrong, I hate voices like sin. They are always trying to tell me what to do, and blackmailing me in to doing their bidding. However, they have been useful during my academic career. For example, sometimes they mimic other people’s words over and over in their own voices(very annoying if I don’t care for the conversation…that is why we have music XD).

When I listen to a lecture in class, I end up remembering it really well because I am retold it at least 4 times and sometimes during the tests. As well, sometimes, I don’t even have to study traditionally but instead pace back and forth around my room for about 2 hrs listening to what the voices have to offer. I am not sure if this is some sort of blessing or a common occurrence. All I know is it got me through several AP classes and into college. Anyone else have this? -thanks

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My voices have reminded me to brush my teeth and take out my contact lenses before

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Yeah, mine will remind me to do stuff also, but is more like a command to do it…

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Min would also tell me to walk up and get cute guys numbers and stuff. I got a few numbers from it.


At one point my voices were helpful but once they gained my trust they turned on me. I must admit they have been nicer since I’ve taken antidepressants but they don’t tell me to do constructive things anymore. I have occasionally used some of their quotes in creative writing but I’ve done that just for fun rather than profit.

take care :alien:

I wouldn’t call them ‘voices’ because this was before I got sz sick. I have been suicidal depressed my whole life and I think that sometimes I ended up with a little psychosis because of it. I would feel a dark force telling me things to write and I had to go write them or they wouldn’t get out of my mind. I would get out of the shower to go write them down.

The plus side is this ‘darkness’ (as lame as that title sounds) fueled my creativity not just because it told me what to write it gave me day dreams during class as sort of an escape valve for me. The creativity part came in when I tried to understand/get done the things I’d missed while I was decompressing.

@cactustomato your voices are obviously players.

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Unfortunately, if they would concern themselves with my studies at all, they were typically only confusing me when studying. Most of the time distracting me from the topic, sometimes arguing with me over the material. They may at times have suggested to me ideas, but when I took these seriously and started to think about them, they’d typically laugh and ridicule the idea, the idea they came up with ffs!

But in general, they did not too often touch on the topics I was busy with for studies. It makes some sense within the dynamics of my hallucinations to me. For they’d typically prey on my uncertainty. Whenever I was insecure about something, they would jump in and confuse me more and would made me feel bad about these things. Fortunately, I was doing pretty good at school, so not so much insecurity on that area.

Hahaha, mine would do the opposite and tell me that random guys are trying to stalk/kill me. You see, this went great on my first date which ended interestingly…(no worries though my man is quite understanding and I’ve been with him for 4 years since)

Nope, they told me over and over that i will win the lottery and all that happend is that i lost more than 200 bucks. They also told me they will disappear soon (like the last 3 months, after my last relapse in December) and they are still here. They also promised me a girl of a certain body, character and appearance type and i have actually met like 3 to 5 such girls in the last 3 months but i knew that it was a deadend with them. Talked to two and they werent interested and the other 2 or 3 were just passing by me without even making eye contact. but i must say i am very grateful that i even met these 2 girls who were somewhat interesting characters and not that bad looking.

I once got benefits (financial assistance) because I heard voices constantly, but I think that’s about it. They didn’t pay anywhere near what working did, so I’m not sure if that counts much, anyhow. There’s been nothing else positive about my hallucinations, ever.


Yes, I’ve found that there is a benefit to this illness. If I didn’t have this illness I’d be a lot more likely to go out with friends and waste all my time. My symptoms necessitate cutting down stress and finding quiet calm. Thus, my illness enables me to stay alone, to study, and otherwise get important things accomplished.

No benefits, per se, but they did give me good ideas by accident.
Once, I was convinced people were going to invade the house and pillage us all. I got all freaked out and the voices mocked me, like what can you do, fight back?

Long story short, that thought never left me and after I got into recovery and stabilized in medicine, I signed up for kickboxing and judo classes. Been doing kickboxing now for a few years now. Helps with the diabetes risk from the antipsychotics…probably never would have signed up if that fear and constant mockery about how I’d be knocked out so fast in a fight.
I actually did get assaulted by a normal out in broad daylight in my neighborhood—and I did fight back! Got away and called the police. Never caught him, but at least I escaped his chokehold and threw a good kick to send him running! Thanks, voices!
*note: not all martial arts classes will give you these results, I think I got lucky

Often times more of a distraction. I end up trusting a voice that pops into my head and it turns out wrong. It’s more beneficial to learn to integrate and make certain intuitive guesses less annoying. I can’t explain all of it, when I started practicing Doreen Virtue’s Angel Cards I started creating my own inner intuition that mimicked more-so the Angels than demonic voices or controlling phrases. Well the voices that tend to be hyper intuitive are not often wrong. I will hear things like, “that store is closed” before seeing the closed sign or “there’s a car coming” but it’s not even voices, it’s little hunches. a pierce in my left ear is a warning of danger. I call it intuition not voice hearing because it does not limit or distract me. I used to hear really bad voices they permeated my mind and I felt like I was unable to stop them. I somehow integrated the voices and divided them into intuitive and non-intuitive, making them more accurate and less distracting over time. Some people say listen to the voices to me voices are like messages from the dreaming self, or the subconscious mind part of the brain. If you believed all your dreams were directly real than it would be just as confusing.

So think of these voices as dream characters with surreal often symbolic messages not directly rooted in reality but life experience. It helped me a lot.

One of the voices I used to call the good doctor… my logic and calm side I guess…

He used to be calm and logical… and sort of help me through the paranoid chaos of the time.

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When I hear audible voices, I don’t benefit from them in any way because they sound like a bunch of people talking at once, and I can’t make out what they are saying. But, when I discern a voice coming from my prayer books, out of the written text, which I sense as God, I can definitely benefit from what God has to tell me. And, I usually always do.

My voices have told me many times what is going to happen in the future. Problems is that when to believe them. LOL