Voices ever helpfull? Seem to know things somehow?

I know they’re supposedly just the misfirings of brain chemicals or whatever they’re saying these days. But there have been times when my “voices” have seemed to know things, or told me things that have proven true. Yesterday for instance, I was out of cigarettes and giving up on trying to quit so I’m searching the back seat of my truck for a spare cigarette.

I’m saying to myself “There’s gotta be a cigarette in here somewhere!” and I hear a voice in my head say “There’s one Marlboro” So I look and I look and find not one cigarette let alone a Marlboro. So much for those damn voices huh? Well today I go out again to my truck in a fit of desperation and lo and behold what do I find after searching under the seats but 1 Marlboro cigarette.

Coincidence? Could very well be but things like that sure make it difficult for me to remain convinced in the unreality of my hallucinations or whatever we wish to call them.


They should have said there are two Marlboros. My voices don’t know ■■■■ all though sometime the telepathy is predictive. Its just annoying. I’m 99% certain none of it is real, but my mind tends to hang on that last 1%. I’m always policing myself feeling like my mind is being read. Its more like I’m having a conversation with a really judgmental person in my mind at all times.

That is an odd coincidence though, I’ve had similar moments where it’s like “there is something up with schizophrenia.” Then I talk to pansdisease and get really paranoid.

Coincidences in my life are the norm. I don’t even get excited about it anymore, sometimes it’s great, but I still haven’t won the lottery.

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Yes, I have had a lot of helpful 'voices" though most is a silent telepathic type voice from a source that is not me, or is me connected to something else.
I’ve even tested them before…many years ago after some aliens spoke to me and gave me accurate info about physics (which later proved to be true) I asked them to prove they were real and i set up an impossible task for them to prove themselves.
My girlfriend had broken up with me. hadnt seen her in 4 months. she went back to her X and her X hated me and of course didn’t want us together at all.
So my request was for the aliens to get my GF to come see me within 24 hours. i was not going to write, call, or have any influence whatsoever, and hadnt written her or called in many weeks. I then said if she doesnt want to come have her X tell her to come see me…which is the last thing that guy would do…

Except he DID! she shows up 12 hours later and tells me her X had told her to come… that was really cool. What are the odds all 3 things i requested happened just like that…her to come see me, it had to be within 24 hours and her X tell her to come?

Other ones…lost in the woods where I have never been before and it was getting dark…come to fork in the trail Voice “Take the left trail, go around the bend, you will see the house from there” So i take the left trail, see there is indeed a bend up ahead and when i get to it there’s the house across the valley I was trying to gind…

Another…voice :Pull over in slow lane, slow down. the cops are coming." So I pull over and slow down and a minute later the cops go flying by in the fast lane. This happened twice in one month on I 5 north of Seattle…

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the positive voices help me all the time, but mostly to keep calm.
my negative voices seem to be on a permanent holiday, but they deserve it after working hard, after all they have tormented me for probably 35 years, hope they have a nice holiday.
take care


Usually, hell no. But today? surprisingly yes. I was looking at Facebook and the voices convinced me out of my main delusions.

Yup. It’s strange, it’s part of the reason that I believe people with sz are extra perceptive in some way.

They say that if you lose one sense, the others go into hyperdrive. Maybe it’s the same for the brain.


Yeah. Actually most of the time, in the rare occasions I get an inkling or a thought that seems from an outside source it is accurate. It’s not a command either. It’s a “well maybe” kind of thing. Even when it’s usually accurate, I never take it as so. You can’t depend on something like that. I don’t use this ability all the time, or try to, it can become overwhelming. Sometimes a veil around reality is more comfortable, but when you are in danger and it prevents a death or an illness then it’s different. I have tons of examples. I have premotions too.

I’ve been off my medication for three weeks and I’m getting more in touch with it. I don’t know why it’s more present when I’m off my meds completely. I think it is that I have more of an unfiltered clarity so it works better. I’m more sensitive though, like sounds and sights are more vivid and I keep working toward adapting and coping with surroundings. My memory has improved. Abilify for certain impairs my memory in a way because I’ve been on a daily high dosage of it.

Here are examples of my so called thoughts or voices: i spent the night at a friends house and I was falling asleep and I heard–not really heard but thought-- you really shouldn’t stay. I asked it or myself, why but it couldn’t say because that would be too much to process. I mean psychic information is hard to process. I had no idea why. The next day I drove someone to VA and got lost, had no cellphone or GPS and almost got in car accident. The voice didn’t want me to do it.

So this is the issue. A psychic girl told me after I got a reading that her phone randomly looked up New York City, this happened about two and a half years ago. I thought, NYC, I’ll never go there. I asked the girl if there was a place I was fated to or most likely to die in and should avoid. Two years later my new friend is obsessed with NYC and we go there and I ran out of money. I made it home alive. Now he’s inviting me to move to NYC with him.

This is where it is difficult. I want so badly to leave and move to NYC, get my life together and get a good career.

My ex boyfriend and another friend had the same dream about being together in a car and driving off a cliff, then he wakes up in the hospital with a wristband that has the date : 6/24/2014. That’s the birthday of my friend who wants to take me to NYC. I had a dream also that my bf got his pants pulled down in front of me by a bitchy girl and the next day she did that to me in front of everyone. It was weird.

I think my ex is my soulmate but he’s been hurtful and everyone said he was using me.

So that’s why being psychic is hard. You can’t do everything and be reckless. you can’t be ignorant and you can’t pretend they didn’t warn you when the situations worsen.

A good portion of my so called disorder has something to do with being psychic but I don’t tell people that much because it’s not exactly believed.

My ex boyfriend was probably the subject of my dream I had in the mental hospital when I was 17. it was about a man whose blood cell count was so low it was life threatening and the doctors decided not to disclose that it was killing him. My ex is on clozapine, he showed me the paper that’s like in the dream from about 8 years ago of his low white blood cell count.

So despite that I want more than anything to move to new york city I cant. Also seems to be that the person who is “moving away” is the one that the astrology forecast said to be wary of “someone is trying to cozy up to you but is proving to be starting ■■■■ or betraying you”…so on the surface things are a lot different than beneath it.

That is why reality is so amazing.

These so called voices do not happen constantly, and typically interrupt me with a warning or suggestion. I’ve had this issue since I was about 13 or 14. I have NEVER EVER had a voice say kill your parents or anything. In my darkest moments on Geodon I had command hallucinations that told me to leave home. It was scary. I overcame that and haven’t had them since.

In some ways I was so depressed and angry at the world I would break myself apart just to see if I could put myself back together.

I’ve learned a lot in the 25 years I’ve existed. But I really do want to move to NYC. What should I do…say no?

OH and I was also likely to die at 25 unless I avoided a certain situation. My spirit guides etc told me this. I’m 25.

Twice they told me who would win the superbowl before it happened, they were right both times.

I didn’t know where something in the store was and they were talking endlessly and i went “just shutup and tell me where the bread is”, they said “couple isles down that way”, there it was.

My mom had to get some dental work done, i asked her “what is the best time to make a dentists appointment?” and she asked what time and i said “2:30”, tooth hurty. So after getting her work done a few days later we were out back and she said that her tooth hurt. The voices said “ask her what time it is” , so i asked what time it was and it was 2:30. I had no idea it was 2:30 at the time, they did though.

On two other occasions i was burned and shocked with what felt to be electricity, the burning sensation even left two marks on my hand, on both occasions faces made of light appeared to me while it was happening.

Back in third grade i smelled the lunch cooking on the playground and someone said in my head “you know, schizophrenics smell things that aren’t there.” I didn’t even know what that was at the time, but they knew what it was and that i was one.

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I know I don’t usually post in this section so apologies up front.

I would think that the voices would know anything and everything that you know even if you don’t consciously remember knowing it. Part of your brain may have registered that one of your cigarette packs had a cig left in it. Another part remembers it later on. Just a thought.

If its something you already know and just forgot, sure, it could be your brains way of reminding you.
But the examples I gave in yesterdays post above couldn’t be that…I had never been to those places where i received the guidance instructions of what turns to take. With the cops i did not see any cop lights and it was night so didnt see any cop cars just general traffic…no way to know that from memory. the thing with the girlfriend, I couldnt possibly know that, as the last letter I had gotten from her several weeks before had been a goodbye letter so any memory was that she wouldnt be coming back at all. that’s why I specified a seemingly impossible scenario for the spirits to prove themselves and they did…

I agree with Barbie. There’s something called cryptoamnesia where u forget most things that uv experienced but come back to u in other ways. Nothing strange there at all I don’t think. If the voices come from ur mind which on my opinion they do, then they have access to all the information within it I think, odd though it may seem.

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my voices are mostly useless, only commenting on
intrusive thoughts, or on my day to day actions.

yet i have had an experience with an voice that was unuasual.
I was early in my 20 orso and was on my bike late for work, as i went trough excuses
like i missed the train. i suddenly heard a different voice than
my inner voice/thought "the voice/thought that everyone has’
and it said or you can tell you grandmother has died, i was very
upset wich such an dreadfull thought, and i tried to push it aside.

one day later my grandmother died.

I only hear the negatives for like 99%