Voices from the inside of your head

I get voices inside and outside the head. I hate them both.

I was listening to music and got a song stuck in my head and realized that as it was playing in my brain, voices were talking over it. However, they both were similar and uncontrollable.

Is there a connection maybe? Anyone ever feel like the song stuck in your head is similar to the inside voices. They seem to be coming from the same domain if that makes sense. Sometimes, I get them confused which is even freakier. That is when the song is “talking” to me etc. That is just strange, eh.

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When I’m lucid I understand that the entities in my mind are actually my own thoughts and I have just lost control of them, so they are taking on a “life” of their own. So it makes sense to me that my mind playing a song would be coming from the same sort of place or mechanism.


I find it hard to tell what is my mind and what isn’t :frowning:

My voices are outside of my head. I mostly have one main voice now (and he’s been pretty quiet lately) and he speaks into my right ear. I see and feel him there too… I talk to myself inside of my head and when a song comes into my mind it’s also inside my head. It is confusing. So hard to believe a voice speaking into my ear isn’t real.

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I get it where sometimes it is outside-inside my head. I know what you mean with the speaking into your ear stuff. It is weird. Mine is pretty mean and she never lets up.

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I believe the phenomenon is called intrusive music.
Sometimes, when I listen to a song, particularly one in which its lyrics relate to me, I’ll sing along with the song in my mind and when the song has ended, I still internally hear myself involuntarily singing the lyrics.
Do you happen to have B vitamin deficiency or Korskoff syndrome?

It’s like a soundtrack and your perception is a movie. Some days they do get draining to the point you have to turn it off.
Mostly energizing because the song is relevant to the moment

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Yes, it is sorta like that. Sometimes it is overwhelming other times it is invigorating!

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some days Ig will sing the same damn verse of a song, over and over and overAND OVER until i find and listen to it. at least twice. and then he’s quiet(er).

Ig is mostly an inside voice but seems to come from my left shoulder area. he is a small annoying mostly-harmless demon creature, and most of the time i would not mind if he fell into a woodchipper (as long as I had headphones to muffle the screaming). but over the years… yadda yadda yadda

I get that a lot, I don’t count it as a symptom because neurotypicals also have it.
Maybe the voices inside my head I hear come from the same place, but they seem to come from a different region of the brain, the left to the right, and the songs come from the right. It’s weird