A brief dalliance with voices?

Lying awake in bed last night i heard ‘West ham’ and then later ’ Just get rid of it ’ definitely coming from outside my head. It wasn’t distressing but it took me by surprise. In the past i have had ‘strong thoughts’ in the way of phrases and sentences going through my head that were unconnected to my main line of thought. Although inside my head it was as though they didn’t belong to me but came from a third party.

I do read your post and I appreciate all the resources you have…

But I fear I might get some of your details slightly mixed up with other posters I also like and read often…

Just a question… You don’t hear voices much do you?

If I’m in error, I do apologize.

You are right i don’t hear voices especially external voices very much . The last time was several years ago when i distinctly heard ‘shut up fatty’. The loud thoughts/internal voices?(it is hard to make a distinction) have happened more frequently though still infrequently.
I certainly don’t get daily dialogue and long stretches of sentences.
For me this very much happens(loud thoughts/inner voices) on going to bed but the medication has curbed it.

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