Can voices be more thought-like

I “hear” thoughts or something in my head that aren’t my own thinking voice. It’s children chanting the same sentence over and over, but it’s not a sound I hear with my ears. It’s a sound from inside my head. Make sense?

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Yeah, I hear voices internally too.

Usually it’s so quiet, and then a word or two, really startles me.

Yeah i hear it too, and music all day long… alll daaaay looooongg

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Newly diagnosed btw.

So, it doesn’t necessarily have to be outward sounds? It’s so low it took me several years to realize these voices are why I can’t focus on anything. They’re still low, but have become more prominent in my mind, so I can understand better what they are saying. Today they told me they are ‘going to read the letter’. I don’t even know what they’re talking about.

Do yours say random things?

yeah a bit but mostly nonsense, no cryptic messages now, but when the psychosis kicked in I would try to decifer into messages from god. not anymore tho

When unmedicated it’s constant,

but now, it’s just “Mom” “Sheri” and “I love you”

nobody is there when I look.

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Voices are BS. It’s hard not too at first, but there is no reason to listen to them for anything.

Thanks so much. I’ve recently joined other forums since being diagnosed and it takes days to get a response. So happy to have found this forum.

This forum is great. Stick around.

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You’re very pretty, keep lookin’ up!

You hear music too? Sucks, doesn’t it? All day, every day, it never ever stops. For me it’s usually the same song over and over again, until it changes to something else hours or even days later. Right now it’s the theme to The Last Unicorn.


I hear my own voice, inside and out, telling me what I am thinking. It’s like listening to the radio. When they’re operating correctly, I don’t have to do any thinking on my own. I just listen and enjoy. Now it has become as if they are carried out in a wind of some sort. It’s taken years of struggle to get here though.
Continue with the forum, by all means.


Yeah, for me it’s this song for a few days now. I usually try to listen to anything else to switch songs so I dont get so sick of it 'cause I actually really like the songs usually. Other times are some pop ■■■■ over and over


@rowanamethyst I really like that movie, but the soundtrack by America is terrible. I can imagine that song isn’t fun being repeated…and now it’s in my head…

@minnii my that song played over and over in my head would cause some serious depersonalization. I’d be freaked out that I was stuck in a swanky 60’s movie.

This one is pretty good @Minnll

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I actually really like the song :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome to the forum,

When I was crumbling… the voices were very external.

But after a while… they went internal… some sounded like voices of people I knew… other sounded like me… in an odd way. It gets confusing and sometimes… I do find myself answering what I hear out loud.

I have racing thoughts and sometimes those get very loud and I can ignore them either.

Good luck and I hope you get the answers your looking for. :v:

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Me too. The musical brain is literally like a radio station I can change the song instantly whenever I want

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thats great ehehe