Would you consider this as hearing voices?

Another question, recently I’ve been uncertain about if the voices were voices or not. It sounds like normal thoughts but I don’t think of them, they just show up at times, basing what they say off of what I’m thinking. Like, example being: I’m making a picture and I think to myself “this picture seems a bit off” and then I will “hear” something like “it’s plain awful, stop trying”


My voices come from outside of me. I very seldom hear voices inside my head. My voices tell me to hang myself. Or jump in front of a train or from a bridge. Push ppl or lick ppl on the head. I have not done any of it. Don’t listen to the voices. They scare you but that’s all. They can’t harm you physically, only you can.

I also hear voices from inside my head and it sometimes comes like thoughts, but the way I tell the difference is when those ‘thoughts’ are mine or not mine. Sometimes it is like someone else is in my head talking to me, not my own thoughts. Somehow I can tell the difference. And whether it is intrusive or brought into my head by myself.

it depends on whether the voice is urs or someone else’s basically. although even if it is urs, i guess it could b classed as hearing voices. if it’s audible, inside ur head or outside, then it’s a voice. hope this helps xxx

It definitaly isn’t me. It says things that I wouldn’t say, and of course I’d never insult myself or anything. It has a sorta different tone over my thoughts, sometimes really different but I still wasnt completely convinced for some reason. Thanks guys, I hope you all are able to get rid of your own voices.

My voices that I struggle with are very clear and amp up when I’m not actually doing anything. I can hear them sort of like someone talking to me. Sometimes they argue with each other in my head and I end up listening to them and not to what’s happening around me.

I’ve been reading that everyone has some little inner monitor that speaks up. I’m trying to figure out… what is actually me in there… as in that common internal dialogue… and what part is attached with the head circus.

I’ve been working at coping around my voices, arguing with them and ignoring them… over the years… they get really quiet for a while. Sometimes I don’t hear them at all.

Yeah this sounds a lot like what I mean when I say ‘my voices’ for lack of a better word. I mean they were voices but more like thoughts that seemed to not be of my thinking. When people talk about their voices I can relate except to the fact that I didn’t hear them as if from outside my mind. But the content is usually spot on.

I consider it “voices” whether they come more as thoughts or are more literally voices. For me this had been in remission for well over a year before making a subtle come back for a couple of weeks accompanied eventually by some delusional thinking. This luckily subsided after only a few weeks for me.

My therapist and I settled on the decision that we would wait it out and suggest a med adjustment if my symptoms got worse. However this was possible as the return of my symptoms had been very subtle at this point.

What are you thinking in terms of how to manage it at this point?

I would consider that hearing voices. That is very often how my own voices are. I will hear them either outside or inside my head. It is annoying, isn’t it? But are you taking medication or doing anything to make them go away?

When I hear voices it’s more internal. I get these ideas that there’s a trio of people inside of my mind, a part of me, that direct me in what to do, or predict future occurrences. But there is also a voice, my voice, that I know is me, and I hear that every day. I don’t think that’s symptomatic. but it doesn’t bother me. Is the voice you are hearing you? Or does it sound like the words of someone else?

I get both. I hear people talking outside of my head and in, but, the most bothersome is a “voice” inside my headthat sounds almost lije my usual thoughts, but, the voice is snarky and vindictive and tells me to do absurd things! I can tell iit’s not me because it’s not like me.

i hear other people thoughts in my head but in my voice. is that classed as voices?

I think it could be classified as either “voices” or “thought insertion”


Sounds like me almost every time I use Photoshop. That’s normal. My voices appear to be external to me and will come from my environment. They sound like they are outside of my head. Very distinct from my “what the HELL were you thinking?!?” artistic inner dialogue. :wink:


Hey thanks for posting that. This is far more accurate a description of what my experience has been. The outpatient program I was going to a few years ago always referred to it as “thought disorder” But then I have in reading about thought disorder got the impression that this was referring to something more like disorganized thought and speech.

Thought insertion. Thank you.

Is there a similarity between thought disorder and thought insertion though?

I’m hardly diagnosed. My Medicare isn’t sendin us the insurance cards. Can’t get to a doctor
-never mind, it quoted. iPods are a pain-

I’ve always gotten telepathic voices too. But they speak to me and carry out conversations and speak with eachother too. They all have names, personalities, etc. It reminds me of DID (multiple personality disorder) but it’s not the same thing at all because they never take over or anything. They’re just there.

And then there’s the demons that put awful, awful thoughts in my head and force me into these thought traps I can’t escape from.

I consider myself to not hear voices simply because I don’t really hear anything with my ears and even if I do, it’s extremely faint and short (like a single word spoken from 100feet away, or like a talkshow is on TV in the next room). Either way, my experience is markedly different from others that do hear voices.

But what I get most often is heard not with my ears, but with my mind. It has a direction and volume and even a distinct ‘voice’, but I don’t hear it the same way I would a conversation with someone. The content is like snippets of a conversation where I’ll get a few words, but only the middle couple words are understandable. Sometimes they have to do with the things I see or think about. Example: I’ll look at the coffee table that has a blue plate on it and I’ll ‘hear’ the word “blue” with unrecognizable words before and after.

A lot of times, if the AC, fan, fridge, dishwasher, or shower are going, I’ll hear these things with my ears through the noise of the object. It’s odd because it’s not like the ‘white noise effect’ that everyone gets, where people find words they recognize in the noise. This is like noise is being used as a medium for the words to become real.

Anyway, I don’t know what this is called, my doctor keeps ignoring my questions when I ask him what it is.

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I will say this, these thoughts/voices are like that personality wise and such. There is one main one and then a secondary one that comes when I get real bad. I still don’t get how I could say they were normal thoughts but its nice to get better confirmation anyway.

Also for those I don’t reply to its not because I’m ignoring you, I just haven’t quite figured out how to use this forums setup and it becomes hard to organize quotes.

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My voices are also inside my head, I used to hear my name called a lot from outside but there was never anyone around but not anymore.

there can be 1 voice but it is usually a group, they will sometimes tell me to shut up and that they are discussing something about me when i ask what there doing. theres good voices or bad, but basicaly they have told me they can be anyone they want to be. it is usually more prominent when i am stressed out or anxious, they like to try and manipulate me by playing good guys to try and gain my trust then they try to screw me over

the latest ones were calling me gay or a homo and that they were going to force me to be gay yet they would admit that they knew it wasnt possible and that I would never give in. and then they said they had silenced the guys that were there to fight against them tellling them they know Im not actually gay.

theres been many other times where they are god, or demons, or aliens, or deceased people anything they can think of that I would be willing to accept at the time

one way i can tell if they are voices or just my imagination is that they will ramble like that for a while then they will stop. and i would check to see if there there even asking in my head and they wouldnt say anything. ocassionaly they would say they dont want to talk with me right now and to go away.

then maybe when im stressed about something later they will come back.

things like ipods are a pain xD but I would classify that as hearing voices. I would seek some professional help asap, and even though I am not a therapist, you can message me about these things, alright? I am willing to help anyone. I promise I dont bite.